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About YSD Athletics

It is the belief of the Yakima School District that athletic competition is one of the great motivating forces for students. The desire to play is fundamental and finds its highest expression in the wholesome and well-conceived intramural and athletic programs.

The Yakima School District is committed to the development of physical excellence and the understanding of the value of competition through sports and games. Because interscholastic athletics and the intramural program are integral parts of the total educational structure, objectives, and goals for the participation should include:

  1. For Athletics
    1. a sound understanding of physical health and conditioning;
    2. the striving for the fullest realization of one's athletic potential;
    3. the development of emotional maturity, social awareness, moral values, a sense of cooperation, self-discipline, and understanding the democratic processes;
    4. an appreciation for the privilege of representing the school and the community in athletics; and
    5. the experience of enjoyment that can be gained through participation in athletics.
  2. For Intramurals
    1. the opportunity to participate in games and activity programs on an individual's own level and for personal enjoyment and recreational value;
    2. the opportunity to develop self and social awareness; and
    3. the opportunity to develop your physical self.

To achieve these goals and objectives, the Yakima School District is committed to educational leadership of the highest professional standards. Coaches and intramural directors are expected to provide a sound educational environment and present an example of high moral and ethical standards for their students.