YSD's Scenarios for Learning

YSD's plan for in-person learning is dependent on the health status of our area and will provide families with options. We all hope to get to in-person learning as soon as possible but we will do so only when it is safe for our staff, students, and community.
In all of these options, student work will be graded and attendance will be taken. Students will be required to meet all of the state's learning standards/requirements for in-person learning regardless of their environment. All in-person learning will be socially distanced and students (and staff) will be required to wear face coverings.
100% Online Option: K-12 students will engage in semester-long courses in a 100% online environment. Students will have an online teacher to provide instruction and support. This is an option for families not wanting to return their students to in-person environments regardless of the county reopening phase. Families will be required to enroll for the 100% online option for their student and the student will remain in the 100% online environment for the entire semester.
1. Virtual Learning: should our area's health status mean no in-person learning (temporarily), students will learn from home virtually every day until partial in-person learning can resume.
2. Partial In-Person Learning: students will attend school in-person for part of the week, and online for part of the week.
3. Full in-school learning: for certain grade-levels and student populations (yet to be determined), students will attend school in-person.
(updated 7/14/20)