We go coco”nuts” for collaboration!

Posted by Mindy Sparks on 10/12/2021

Thank you to Mr. Cyr, the shop teacher at Davis for helping me, Mindy Sparks, provide coconuts for my horse lesson in music! I bought the coconuts at the local store and needed them cut in half and hollowed out to provide instruments for my Sped students here at Adams. He was able to use his saw and his talents to cut them in half. I picked them up, took them home and baked them so the white meat of the coconut would separate from the shell. I scraped and popped out the white meat and now we have awesome instruments in our classroom for everyone to play! The students loved playing their coconuts! They were so surprised they could be used as instruments! I am very thankful for the collaboration that took place for the education of our students! They will also be used for my kindergarten classes at Hoover, Gilbert, and McClure in the coming weeks!Mr Cyr, you made a positive impact on my students' learning and I am very grateful! - Mindy Sparks