Migrant Program Spotlight

Posted by Radene Long on 10/12/2021


Each summer teachers and students from Washington Middle School are invited to participate in the Voices from the Field Arts Academy.  The narrative from OSPI reads:

Voices from the Field Arts Academy provides outstanding arts experiences for middle school students and educators through the Washington State Migrant Education Program. Many of the participating students have not had a great number of opportunities to experience the arts in their regular school day. OSPI has partnered with Arts Impact to create arts infused Math and ELA lessons designed to help educators build student voice and experiences with the assistance of artist mentors.

One of our participants was a student named Cristina.  She now attends Eisenhower and is sharing her experience with Student Advocate Nora Lopez.  She had the opportunity to attend this academy two years in a row.  She shared what fun it was to meet new friends, use her imagination for projects, see other student’s projects, listen, learn, and laugh. 

Ike 1

Ike 2

Here is her mask project from this past summer.  Isn’t it cool?!  Cristina believes this opportunity has given her confidence to engage in the classroom and grow through leadership. 

One of the services the migrant program offers is STUDENT LEADERSHIP AND ENGAGEMENT.  The goal is to offer activities that build supportive networks that enhance the feeling of belonging while at school, which then improves engagement and academic achievement.