Eisenhower High School Virtual College & Career Fair

Posted by Arasely Gainer on 9/21/2021

Eisenhower High School will host the first NOVVA Technology fair in the state of Washington.  This Smart Virtual Fair Platform is fully designed and focused on educational events and replicates all the features universities and students enjoy at in-person student fairs but online.  Eisenhower High School wants each student to graduate pursuing some form of post-secondary education.  This opportunity allows personal, interactive exploration for the entire student body.  Gabe Stotz, Career & College Readiness Specialist is coordinating this virtual event for students.  Mr. Stotz states, " All students should have the opportunity to explore various pathways.  This platform gives our students the opporutnity to determine whichi pathway best fits their own unique interests." There are opportunities for students in grades 9-12 to start planning their post-graduation.

This virtual fair will take place during the students' Cadet Connections class on Monday, Sept 27, 2021 from 8:00- 10:00a.m. Parents are welcome to participate.  Students and parents register at https://eisenhower.educationconnectivelive.com