Yay Mega-Super-Participaters!

Posted by Al Fischer on 2/1/2021

The specialists at McKinley Elementary School would like to give a shout out to our Mega-Super-Participaters

Student working at his computer

 All specialist classes this year (Library, Counselor, PE and Music) are being taught asynchronously at our school, which means that it’s up to the student to connect to our lessons, do their best to complete them, and then click submit.  Many students find this to be a challenge, juggling their other classwork along with home duties, and making sure they save time to do their specialist lessons.

girl at computer

152 students were Super-Participaters in the first half of the school year, turning in all (or almost all) of their assignments for many of their specialist classes, and we appreciate all of their hard work.  There were some, though, who were Mega-Super-Participators, turning in all (or almost all) of their work for all four specialists classes!!

boy on hands and knees

Please join us in acknowledging the accomplishment of these distinguished students:

Zaiden A, Sophia L, Amalya J, Brayden L, Rudy M, Fernando M, Adaylne N, Bazil B, Brenda C, Alonzo H, Ayden M, Andreah M, Kailey T, Jose C, Eduardo R, Noah G, Haze M, Delilah R, Marlen S, Kimberly S, Jayda C.

Great job, Mavericks!