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Thinking About Catering Food As A Career?

Do you want to pursue a Catering Food Career?  IKE Food Science Students are checking out this career!

Eisenhower High School Food Science students in the year 1 classes were contacted by the IKE ASB to see if Mrs. Suzanne Walker's Food Science classes would cater the food for the IKE dances. Students had to first learn what catering meant. Catering is the business of providing food and/or drink ready for a large group of people or, in this case,...hungry students...tasty food to eat while they are dancing at the dances. So far this year, Food Science students have catered for the Homecoming Dance and Valentine's Dance.  In the classes, students made the most recent dance were:  Chocolate Covered Strawberries, Oreo cookies dipped in white coating, Rice Krispies treats with drizzled chocolate and vanilla coating on top, White cupcakes with vanilla frosting, and chocolate cupcakes & frosted with milk chocolate frosting. Students learn about meeting the budget as well as the customer wants for the catered food.  Since eggs are so expensive right now, students used diet lemon-line soda and box cake mix to make a tasty and lowfat white cupcake.  For the chocolate cupcakes, students used canned pumpkin, water and box cake mix to make another tasty and lowfat chocolate cupcake.  It was a great hands on and real world experience for students to see what catered food for a large group was like.

White Cupcakes Made with Diet Lemon Lime Soda

Frosted cupcakes with Sprinkles!

Rice Krispies Treats

Chocolate Covered StrawberriesLowfast Chocolate Cake Made int Cupcakes

White Cupcake with Diet Lemon-Lime Soda