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  • Ace Hardware of Yakima Donates Supplies to 8th Grade Science Students

    Posted by Ashley LaRiviere on 11/24/2021

    Shoutout to Ace Hardware of Yakima for donating 🛠 materials to our 8th-grade 🔬science students in Mr. Helseth and Mrs. Canham’s classes! This act of kindness enables our students to test the effects of potential and kinetic energy!

    science supplies


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  • Davis Auditorium Will Be Undergoing Upgrades

    Posted by Ari Vazquez on 11/23/2021

    Davis High School auditorium will be undergoing new changes as demolition and renovation are underway. Many, including Superintendent Dr. Trevor Greene and Principal Heather Hastie-Ulery, are excited about recent events surrounding the improvements being made the high school auditorium. Earlier this month demolition and upgrades began which have many alumni, staff, students and community members optimistic about future school events. 

    Dr. Greene highlights that the recent upgrades are a part of many throughout the years, but the overall auditorium renovation will allow many opportunities for the Fine Arts Program and the community. Original pieces such as chair frames, newly exposed windows and lighting fixtures will offer character and nostalgia of the older auditorium while the addition of new upgrades will truly update the space for the future. 

    Superintendent Greene and Principal Hastie-Ulery are hopeful for a competed project withing the next year and a half depending on current supply chain issues, but they have shared mock-ups and a digital walkthrough in the meantime as the project progresses. 

    Watch the official digital walkthrough here:

    Davis Auditorium Upgrades Introduction

    Join the Community Group here to stay up to date on auditorium news: 

    A.C. Davis Auditorium Updates



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  • Community Thanksgiving for Barge-Lincoln Families

    Posted by Hector Mendez on 11/23/2021

    Adrianne Garner (Director of Henry Beauchamp Community Center) and her team have partnered with Barge-Lincoln to support families in East Yakima.  Delia Torres (B-L School Counselor), Edgardo De La Torre (Barge-Lincoln Community & Schools Advocate) and Natalie Tinajero (Barge-Lincoln Student, Family & Community Advocate) connected with OIC of Washington/Henry Beauchamp Community Center who has provided the Yakima community service for 50 years.  Due to their parntership with the Yakima County Food Equity Coalition, OIC/Henry Beauchamp Center, Pacific Islander Coalition, Yakima County NAACP and Northwest Harvest they were able to provide 12 families a Thanksgiving meal on Monday, Nov. 29 that included bread rolls, egg noodles, vegetable oil, Mac n Cheese, gravy mix, walnuts, pinto beans, rice, pork n beans, sweet corn, sweet peas, butter, canned mixed veggies, cranberry sauce, 10 lb bag of potatoes and a 15 lb. turkey.  We thank our community for their continued support to the Barge-Lincoln community!Thank you Henry Beauchamp Center for supporting the B-L community!

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  • Knights of Columbus (Counsel 17257) Visits Barge-Lincoln

    Posted by Hector Mendez on 11/23/2021

    Natalie Tinajero, Barge-Lincoln Student, Family & Community Liasion connected with Federico and Margarita Lopez from Knights of Columbus 17257 who donated 55 coats to Barge-Lincoln students on Tuesday, Nov. 23.  We are grateful for their partnership with Barge-Lincoln and the Yakima School District.  

     kid yellow jacket

    Student trying on his new coat.

    kid pink jacketThank you Federico and Margarita Lopez!

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  • Students at Garfield Elementary Paint Decorative Rocks

    Posted by Heidi Rikard on 11/22/2021

    This year, one of the Washington Children's Choice Picture Book Award nominees is called Lubna and Pebble by Wendy Meddour. Lubna and her father are refugees and when they arrive in the refugee camp, Lubna clings tightly to the pebble she found on the beach when they made it to their new, temporary home. Lubna paints a face on the pebble and it soon becomes her best friend. When she and her father are able to leave the camp and be resettled, she knows the right thing to do is to pass Pebble on to another little boy in the camp. As the story ends, the new owner of Pebble is happy to have a friend and we know he will take great care of it. 

    Lubna and Pebble

    After the librarian, Ms. Rikard, read the story to the students, she told them of her idea for them to paint their own rocks, just like Lubna does in the story. When finished, students could keep their rock, give it to someone they care about, donate it to Garfield to be used outside in the landscaping, or to donate their rock to a real refugee child living in a camp. So, after securing a donation of rocks from Soracco Landscaping Materials, Ms. Rikard filled up two buckets, washed all the rocks and prepared to paint. Students took two weeks to finish their rocks and the end results are unique and inspired. Students learned a valuable lesson about how fortunate they are to have even the little things...like real friends to play with and a school and a playground...all the things Lubna did not have in the refugee camp. During this thankful season, they had a little time to reflect on their blessings and give back to someone else as well. 

    Students painting Students Painting Student's painted rock Student's painted rock Student's painted rock Student's painted rock Students showing rocks Students showing rocks

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  • The "Knights of Columbus" Donate Coats Keep McKinley Elementary Students Warm This Winter

    Posted by Ashley LaRiviere on 11/17/2021
    We want to extend our gratitude to the Knights of Columbus for their help in keeping our students warm this winter!
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  • Whitney Elementary "Wildcat of the Month" Receives Special Guest

    Posted by Ashley LaRiviere on 11/16/2021
    The Whitney Elementary School "Wildcat Student of the Month" for November had a special guest! We want to extend our gratitude to Officer Meyers and the Yakima Police Department for making it extra special!
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  • Student learning and collaboration around the world!

    Posted by Kirsten Fitterer on 11/12/2021

    BL 5th grader to present virtually about her MX heritage to an international audience of other students on Thanksgiving Day.

    In August, an education consultant/private learning center from Nairobi, Keyna reached out to the Google Trainer community to see if there was interest in student learning and collaboration. The consult center from Nairobi wanted to collaborate with students across the world to build global citizenship and foster public speaking! 

    After attending the public speaking workshop that month, the concept was brought to the Racial Equity & Diversity Committee at Barge Lincoln. This committee at Barge Lincoln made the decision to invite students who may be interested in participating in the Nairobi center.  Currently, Barge Lincoln has one fifth-grade student leader, Michelle Flores, who is participating in this collaboration.

    Throughout the year, there are monthly topics/themes, and students present for three minutes on their chosen topic.  For example, there have been student presenters from Kenya, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Tanzania that have spoken on families, pets, traditions.  As of now, Barge Lincoln’s student, Michelle, will be presenting on Thursday, November 25, 2021, on her Mexican heritage at 8:00 a.m. Pacific Standard Time.    

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  • Ms. Criste's 4th Graders Study Erosion

    Posted by Kirsten Fitterer on 11/12/2021

    Using a straw, sand and ice to study EROSION.

    Erosion is a physical process in which soil, rock, and other surface material are removed from one location and transported to another.

    Recently, Tina Criste's 4th graders at Barge-Lincoln Elementary studied erosion using wind (a straw), water, and ice! Ms. Criste said, "Science is fun and messy!"

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  • McKinley Shout out to City Councilman Danny Herrera

    Posted by Al Fischer on 11/12/2021


    Congratulations to Mr. Danny Herrera!  He ran for and won his new seat on the Yakima City Council.  He is currently serving the students of Davis High School, but we still claim him as a McKinley Maverick, where he taught Third Grade for several years.  Mr. Herrera, we are so proud of you!  Thanks for your service to our community.  Here is the link to the quick video he and I generated.  




    Mr. Herrera and Mr. Fischer


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