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  • Roosevelt's Sustainability Efforts Awarded a $5000 Grant from Washington State Department of Ecology

    Posted by Laura Harper on 12/5/2021

      Students with new trays

    Roosevelt Elementary School was awarded a $5000 grant from the Washington State Department of Ecology. The Department of Ecology's "Waste Not Washington" grants were awarded to 20 schools statewide to support school sustainability projects. 

    At Roosevelt, staff and students live out the BEAR Expectations every day—Be safe, Act responsibly, Expect success, and Respect all.  One way the school can do this is by becoming more responsible for natural resources. Through its Roosevelt Bears Replace, Reduce, and Recycle project, school staff, students, and families are empowered to act responsibly in the cafeteria. In the spring of 2021, the school made key purchases supported by grant funds that replaced single-use items in the cafeteria with reusable ones and expanded its food waste reduction and recycling programs.  Students in Grades 3-5 serve in Student Leadership and run a weekly recycling program.  Students in Mrs. Jenell Crosier's 3rd-grade class are piloting a composting program.  For more information on the Deparment of Ecology's Waste Not Washington grants, visit https://ecology.wa.gov/Blog/Posts/November-2021/Award-program-supports-waste-reduction-and-recycli. 


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  • Davis High School Student, Ricardo Acevedo, Named Big Nine League's Most Valuable Football Player of the Year

    Posted by Ashley LaRiviere on 12/3/2021

    Congratulations to Davis High School student, Ricardo Acevedo, who was named the Big Nine League's Co-Most Valuable Player of the Year in Football.

    davis mvp

    Here are the Davis student athletes who earned All-Conference honors.


    Anders Norman, Cross Country

    Demetrius Corbray, Football

    Morgan Rodriguez, Football

    Becken Murphy, Football

    Josiah Bettles, Football

    Michael Wick, Football

    Darius Herron, Football

    Cindy Ruiz, Soccer

    Alexis Torres, Soccer

    Kailey Willsey, Volleyball

    Kathleen Velazquez, Volleyball



    Ilene Moran, Cross Country

    Carson Linstead, Football

    Victor Lamas, Football

    Caden Hogue, Football

    Carly Mattson, Soccer

    Jenessis Cortez, Soccer

    Shaela Allen Greggs, Volleyball



    Ricardo Acevedo, Football

    Ricardo Acevedo, Football

    Rebekah Spry, Slowpitch

    Allie Warford, Slowpitch

    Talia Ompta, Slowpitch



    Ricardo Acevedo, Football

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  • CWU On the Spot Admissions Event at Davis High School

    Posted by Adam Rathjen on 12/2/2021

    On November 22nd Davis hosted an on the spot admissions event with Central Washington University. During the event 58 students were admitted to Central with 44 students receiveing shcolarships! Way to go Pirates!





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  • Ace Hardware of Yakima Donates Supplies to 8th Grade Science Students

    Posted by Ashley LaRiviere on 11/24/2021

    Shoutout to Ace Hardware of Yakima for donating 🛠 materials to our 8th-grade 🔬science students in Mr. Helseth and Mrs. Canham’s classes! This act of kindness enables our students to test the effects of potential and kinetic energy!

    science supplies


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  • Davis Auditorium Will Be Undergoing Upgrades

    Posted by Ari Vazquez on 11/23/2021

    Davis High School auditorium will be undergoing new changes as demolition and renovation are underway. Many, including Superintendent Dr. Trevor Greene and Principal Heather Hastie-Ulery, are excited about recent events surrounding the improvements being made the high school auditorium. Earlier this month demolition and upgrades began which have many alumni, staff, students and community members optimistic about future school events. 

    Dr. Greene highlights that the recent upgrades are a part of many throughout the years, but the overall auditorium renovation will allow many opportunities for the Fine Arts Program and the community. Original pieces such as chair frames, newly exposed windows and lighting fixtures will offer character and nostalgia of the older auditorium while the addition of new upgrades will truly update the space for the future. 

    Superintendent Greene and Principal Hastie-Ulery are hopeful for a competed project withing the next year and a half depending on current supply chain issues, but they have shared mock-ups and a digital walkthrough in the meantime as the project progresses. 

    Watch the official digital walkthrough here:

    Davis Auditorium Upgrades Introduction

    Join the Community Group here to stay up to date on auditorium news: 

    A.C. Davis Auditorium Updates



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