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Password Management

This page provides information on how you to use Self-Service Password Reset (SSPM), Microsoft's self-service system to manage your YSD account password. The system can be used for simple password changes without enrolling (as long as the user knows the old password), and to reset a forgotten password if you enroll an additional Authentication Method.

Please note that these instructions apply for all users, staff and student.

If at any point you need any assistance call our help desk at 509-573-7091

Updating Your Password (if you currently know it)

Forgotten Passwords

This process can only be done if you have previously set up an MFA option on your account. (See Microsoft Account MFA Setup Guide below) If you did not set this up previously and do not know your password you will need to contact YSD Tech Helpdesk at 509-573-7091 for assistance.

MFA (Multi-Factor Authentication)

  • Microsoft Account
    • Adding MFA for your Microsoft Account allows you to use the "Forgot my password" option to reset your password without needing to contact the YSD Tech Helpdesk.
  • Google Account
    • Adding MFA for your Google Account will help prevent malicious actors from compromising your account keeping your email and google documents secure.