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Special Service Transportation

Special Service (Curb to Curb) Transportation

We would like to welcome you to the Transportation Center of the Yakima School District. If there are any concerns or questions about services provided please do not hesitate to call our office. We are looking forward to serving you during the school year.

Student Pick-up Information

Please have your student ready when the bus arrives. Be waiting where you are visible to the driver. Due to students being absent or pre-school students riding only on certain days; times will fluctuate. There is a 15 minute leeway each way. The driver will wait one (1) minute at your stop then proceed if no one is visible. We cannot wait for the student if they are not ready. Please be aware that there are other students being picked up and the driver waiting will make a difference down the line.

We cannot use the bus horn at the stops to notify you that the bus has arrived.

The department will use only one (1) address for pick-up and one (1) address for drop.

If your student does not ride for three (3) days we will not go by until we receive a phone call requesting service again.

Stop and Go Signs

The red STOP and green GO signs can be used to let the driver know if the student is riding.

Stop sign - red octagon with STOP written in white.
 = Your child will ride

Stop sign - green octagon with GO written in white.
 = Your child will NOT ride

Please make sure the sign is visible and correct as we will not be able to go back if your sign is incorrect.

Student Drop Information

Please be ready to receive your student at the time school is out.

The driver cannot leave your student with anyone other than you or persons authorized and listed by you on the information sheet. Please complete the information sheet and return it to Transportation or your child's bus driver as soon as possible. New information sheets are needed each year.

If you are not home, the student will be returned to school. If there is no one available at the school, your child will be turned over to Special Education Services, 101 N. 4th Ave.

Change of Address

If you have a change of address or daycare; please call Special Education Services at 573-5060 or if a Pre-School student call 573-5980. It could take up to three (3) days to go into effect after Transportation receives the change.

Please notify the Transportation Office of phone number changes as soon as possible.

If you have any questions, please call 573-7200.