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Student Requirements

Requirements for Open Doors

BASI: Please complete your BASI A tests as soon as possible. We would expect them to be finished within a couple of days after orientation. When you have finished, please call or email one of the teachers letting us know that you have completed this, as we do not receive notification from GradPoint.

Weekly Check-in: two-way communication by Google meet (group or one-to-one), phone, or in person, EVERY week that we have school. If you are sick, please don't come to school in person, but DO log in to one of the Google meet sessions. Or, if you are very sick and can't attend at all, please call, email, or ask someone else to call or email us to let us know.

Attendance: One in-person day OR one Google Meet each week, minimum. At least half an hour each time; however, we recommend 1.5 to 2 hours for in-person time. Students are welcome to attend multiple days if they wish. Virtual attendance can be during the open Google Meets listed at the link below, or through one-to-one Google Meets with a teacher.

View scheduled Open Doors Google Meets with teacher and students

Academic Progress required- as listed below.  Our expectation is for you to work an hour a day or four hours a week at a minimum, the same as last year’s  “in class” expectation.

Progress is monitored through the computer - we have access to your work.


Complete Job search and job retention course work in XELLO.

Pass one or more high school equivalency/ GED

tests.  Each test, can be claimed once only.

Make a substantial gain in math, English Language arts, science or social studies skills.

Pass one or more GED READY tests (“predictors”). Each test can only be claimed one time.

Complete 25 % or more of an online GED course (GradPoint). 

Pass one or more state assessments or graduation requirements.

(SBAC, Math EOC, HS and Beyond Plan).

Complete 50 % or more of a high school diploma course in one quarter of the school year.

Earn a score of two or more on the Seal of Biliteracy exam

Make a significant gain in math or reading skills based on the entry BASI tests.

Enroll in a college level class other than ABE,GED or ESL.

Earn a certification from Yakima Valley Technical Skills Center (YV Tech)

Complete approved college readiness coursework with documentation of competency attainment.

Earn high school credit in a GED credit course, Gradpoint or Edgenuity course

Earn college credit ( i.e. YVC)