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Enrollment Process

Contact the Yakima School District enrollment specialist at Portable A 1120 S. 18th St. or call (509) 573-5585.

Flow Chart


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Open Doors Flow Char

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GED - Open Doors Speciality

Open Doors specializes in helping students (ages 16-21) earn their Graduate Equivalency Diploma.

This is a set of four tests, when successfully completed, earns the student a GED. All four tests require a twelfth grade level of knowledge in order to pass. With the GED completion, one may apply to attend any community college,trade or technical college. Upon completion of a two year degree at a community college, one can then apply to a four year university or college and graduate with a four year degree.

GED today and GED past

Today, a GED requires twelfth grade knowledge in English reading, English writing, Science, Math and Social Studies. Prior to 2014, the GED tests required only a tenth grade level of knowledge. As schools in the United States moved to common core state standards or CCSS, the GED moved too.  Today, earning a GED not only improves your opportunities in the field of work, it gives you the ticket you need for a college degree.

GED test preparation

Open Doors does specialize in preparing our students to be successful in the GED testing process. Our program is a combination of online classes and individual tutoring. Our staff evaluate the students’ academic skills upon entering our program and seta plan for studies. Preparing for the tests is very hard work but success impacts a student’s entire life.


Like everything else, COVID19 has impacted GED programs throughout the country. Testing sites closed and students were unable to test in the traditional testing centers.  GED responded in the spring of 2020 by beginning to develop an online test that could be taken at home.This effort came to fruition in late July and early August with the ON VUE test being launched. Initially, students had to be eighteen or older to use this testing method.

GED testing for our Open Doors students, prior to COVID19, was done exclusively on the campus of Yakima Valley College. With Yakima Valley College closing its doors to in-person student services in March of 2020, we lost our local testing center. Today, CWU’s testing center in Ellensburg is now open for our students to test. This requires students to travel a distance for their tests, yet we are thankful for this option.

GED ON VUE testing

Taking the four GED exams is serious business.  It requires one to show proof of identity. Government issued ID is essential. One must show proof of academic readiness with passing scores on the GED predictor/readiness tests. ON VUE testing adds one more layer of requirements that the testing centers don't have.  The computer used at home to test, must have strong internet connectivity, a working camera and a working microphone .The ON VUE test has a proctor who virtually watches the student during the entire test.  This process also requires a very quiet and totally private testing space….a room with four walls and no one else in the room at testing time.  These requirements can prove challenging for some students.