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Google Workspace F.A.Q.

Who will receive a Google Workspace account?

  • All Staff Members and Students
  • Before any anyone is given access a Google Workspace account, the Technology Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) for Staff and Students must be understood.

Does YSD’s Google Workspace program comply with Google's stated age restrictions?

Students under age 13 ordinarily need parent permission to have email accounts, as stated in Google's privacy policy. However since the Google Workspace tools that we are using are a secure environment monitored and controlled by the District, COPPA (Children's Online Privacy Protection Act) allows the School District to act as the parents'/guardians' agent and approve the accounts on their behalf. To be COPPA compliant, we must provide an opt-out process and have done that (see above).

Will I have access to my student's Google account?

Parents/guardians are encouraged to communicate directly with their student(s) to acquire Google Workspace account login information. Each student has the ability to manage his/her Google Workspace account password.

If a student is unable or unwilling to provide a password to parents/guardians, parents are encouraged to contact the District to have the password reassigned to allow the parent/guardian full access to the account.

The Google Workspace accounts are property of the Yakima School District. This means that content in these accounts may be accessed or searched by designated YSD employees (Tech Services staff, Administrators, etc.) in accordance with Board Procedure 3207.2

As the provider of these services, the Yakima School District has included several safety and educational features in Google Workspace:

  • Parents, guardians, and administrators may request access to student's Google Workspace account from the District.
  • Filters to block SPAM, viruses and inappropriate content while surfing.
  • Filters for all student email accounts with initial electronic filtering and human monitoring of content with a service from

What types of safety and security measures are in place for Google Workspace?

Yakima Schools Google Workspace complies with legal requirements for safety and security such as the Child Internet Protection Act (CIPA), Children's Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA), and the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA). Each student is introduced to acceptable use and online safety every year in the Yakima Schools.

In addition, the Yakima School District commits to the following regarding student privacy:

  • Not to publish confidential education records (grades, student ID numbers, etc.) for public viewing on the Internet.
  • To appropriately limit public access to student work and/or photographs.
  • To provide Yakima parents or legal guardians with the right and a method to investigate the contents of their students' G Suite account.

For more detailed information on safety and security, review the Google Workspace Privacy Practices page.

What happens if a student misuses their Google account?

The same expectations for acceptable use of technology (as outlined in YSD Procedures 2022, 3200, 3207.2, 3208, 4311) apply to Google Workspace accounts. Students who misuse their accounts will be referred to their school's administrator who will deal with any infraction on a case-by-case basis. Administrators may choose to suspend student access to GMail (preserving access to Docs and Sites for classroom use) or may choose to suspend a student's account privileges entirely for a length of time appropriate to the offense. Parents will be notified should their student's account access be altered or suspended, as they would any time a building administrator makes a decision to withdraw privileges or enforce a consequence for inappropriate actions.

To report misuse or suspected misuse of a Yakima Schools Google Workspace account, it is appropriate to first contact your child's principal.

Am I able to opt my student out of the Google Workspace program?

A student can be opted out of participating in the Google Workspace program at any time. Parents/guardians always have a right to determine what is best for their student(s). A parent can opt their student out of the program. Parents may request to opt out by using the Student Google Workspace Opt Out process; which requires the submission of an opt-out form in writing with a guardian signature to your student's school office.

The decision to opt a student out of the G Suite program may have drastic academic implications as these systems are heavily leveraged by staff and students for learning. Parents/guardians are encouraged to consult the student's principal to discuss the implications of this decision and to discuss appropriate alternatives.

To opt your student out of using Google Workspace:

  1. Submit a request for a Google Workspace Opt Out Form
  2. Wait to receive the paper form
    (If you do not receive the form within 2 weeks, please call or visit your student's school office.)
  3. Complete and sign the opt out form
  4. Return the signed form to your child's school office

Request a copy of the Google Workspace Opt Out Form