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Yakima Yamate Japanese Exchange

Welcome to the Yamate Japanese Exchange Program

The Yamate Japanese Exchange Program is a cornerstone of cultural and educational exchange between the Yakima School District and Yamate Gakuin in Yokohama, Japan. For over fifty years, this program has facilitated a deep, cross-cultural dialogue that enriches both communities, fostering understanding, friendship, and a shared appreciation for each other’s cultures.

Starting in 2025, the exchange will take place biennially (every other year in odd-numbered years), allowing more comprehensive planning and richer experiences for all participants. Each cycle, students from Yamate Gakuin visit Yakima to experience American family life, attend school, and participate in local cultural activities. Conversely, students from Yakima travel to Yokohama, immersing themselves in Japanese daily life, attending classes, and exploring the rich heritage of Japan. These experiences not only broaden educational horizons but also build lifelong international relationships.

Explore Our Program:

  • Inbound Exchange: Dive into the experiences of Japanese students in Yakima. From attending classes at local schools to participating in unique cultural workshops, discover how they explore and engage with our community.

  • Outbound Exchange: Follow the journey of Yakima students as they travel to Yokohama. Learn about their adventures in Japan, from attending school at Yamate Gakuin to exploring the bustling streets of Tokyo and the tranquil temples of Kamakura.

Support and Sponsorship:

We are profoundly grateful to the Blaine and Precy Tamaki Foundation for their generous support of the Yamate Japanese Exchange Program. Their commitment helps make this valuable cultural exchange possible.

If you are interested in supporting this enriching initiative through donations or sponsorship, we warmly invite you to connect with us. Your involvement can significantly impact fostering international understanding and friendship.

For more details on how you can contribute, please contact:

Students from other Yakima area high schools are welcome to participate, contingent upon available space and with superintendent approval. This opportunity extends our community’s engagement with the program, broadening the cultural exchange and learning experiences for more students.

Join us in celebrating and continuing this wonderful tradition of exchange and discovery. Whether you are a student, a host family, or an educator, there are numerous ways to get involved and support this enriching program.