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Madrid, Spain

Global Connections:

YSD and Colegio Leonardo Da Vinci Household Reciprocal Exchange: Registrations DUE June 18, 2024


The Yakima School District is thrilled to introduce a household reciprocal exchange program with Colegio Leonardo Da Vinci in Madrid, Spain. This initiative aligns with Goal 4 of our strategic plan, enhancing global connections through direct family-to-family engagement. Students from both YSD (in-person schools of IKE, Davis, and Stanton) and Colegio Leonardo Da Vinci will experience life in each other's country, staying with each other’s family and attending each other’s high school. Check out this video to learn more!

Recording of June 7 Meeting: On June 7, 2024, Pursue Languages, held a virtual meeting for YSD families and students. To view that recording, you will need this password:

Important Points:

1. Different from the Yamate Japanese Exchange, the exchange with Colegio Leonardo Da Vinci in Madrid Spain is a "reciprocol household exchange." This means that a household in Yakima exchanges with a household in Spain, and vice-versa. If your student wants to go to Spain in the Spring, your family needs to host that Spanish family's student visiting Yakima in the Fall. It is a one-to-one reciprocol household exchange.

2. Also different from the Yamate Japanese Exchange where students are in pairs, the exchange with Colegio Leonardo Da Vinci in Madrid Spain is a one-to-one exchange, meaning the YSD family hosts ONE Spanish student, and the host family in Spain hosts the YSD family's ONE student.

3. The families in Madrid's number one goal is to send their student to America to learn the nuances of English.  For this reason, it is required that Yakima families hosting a Spanish student commit to speaking only English in the home during the Spanish student's two-week visit.

Exchange Duration

The exchange program includes two-week visits. Students from Colegio Leonardo Da Vinci will visit Yakima in the late summer/early fall (September 1-14, 2024), and the following spring (March 30- April 12, 2025), students from IKE, Davis, and/or Stanton will visit Colegio Leonardo Da Vinci in Madrid, Spain.


This exchange is open to Yakima students in grades 9-12, ideally suited for sophomores and juniors. Participants from Spain are typically juniors, providing a balanced experience for students at similar stages in their education. At the Yakima School District, we believe bilingualism is a SUPER POWER! Spanish students are trying to increase their fluency in English during their visit. For this reason, only English is to be spoken in the home when the Spanish student is present. It is a requirement of this exchange program.

Program Details

  • Inbound Activities (Yakima, Washington. September 1-14, 2024):

    • Integration into Yakima School District high schools, participation in cultural exchange workshops at the schools, and attendance at community events.

    • Organized visits to local cultural and historical sites, enhancing understanding of American culture.

    • Engagement in family-led outings to explore the natural landscapes of the Pacific Northwest.

  • Outbound Activities (Madrid, Spain. March 30 - April 12, 2025):

    • Involvement in daily school activities at Colegio Leonardo Da Vinci, with special workshops designed to deepen cultural exchange.

    • Guided tours of Madrid's significant landmarks, including a full-day excursion to El Prado Museum and nearby historical towns.

    • View this presentation from Pursue Languages to learn more.

Logistics and Accommodations

Families from Yakima and Madrid will participate in a reciprocal arrangement, hosting each other's children and integrating them into their daily family and school life. This unique setup allows students to gain a profound understanding of another culture through personal and educational experiences.


The total estimated cost for participating families is $2,000, which may vary slightly depending on flight prices at the time of booking. The payment schedule is designed to ease the financial commitment:

  • A $300 deposit is required within a week of acceptance (approximately July 1, 2024).

  • An additional $700, bringing the total to $1,000, is due by December 1, 2024.

  • The remaining balance to reach the total of $2,000 is due by February 1, 2025.

These payments are not additional but are part of the total estimated cost.

Application Process (Due June 18, 2024)

Applications are available online here (adult household members are to fill out the application, not students), with payments processed at the YSD Financial Services Office located at 104 N 4th Ave, Yakima. As part of ensuring a safe and positive environment for all exchange students:

  • All adults in the host households will undergo background checks.

  • Home visits may be conducted to verify the suitability of living arrangements.

  • See cost details above.

Support and Safety

The exchange program is supported by thorough orientations and ongoing assistance. Safety measures, including emergency contact protocols, are firmly in place to ensure a secure experience for all participants.

Links to content about Colegio Leonardo Da Vinci:

flyer describing the details of the Spain exchange