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Graduation Requirements

To be eligible for a Yakima School District diploma, a student must complete the following: (see WAC 180-51-066)

Earn a minimum of twenty-four (24) credits from grades 9, 10, 11 and 12.

Credit accrual is possible at the middle school level for Algebra, 

Successful completion (receiving a grade of A, B, C, D, P, or S) of one semesters work in one class = 0.5 credits.

These twenty-four (24) credits, must include:

ENGLISH 4.0 credits: Classes must include:  English 9, English 10, English 11, and English 12 

MATHEMATICS 3.0 credits: Three (3) mathematics credits required. Must include a sequence of courses: Algebra 1 or Integrated Mathematics 1, Geometry or Integrated Mathematics 2, and Algebra 2 or Integrated Mathematics 3.

SCIENCE 3.0 credits: Three (3) science credits required. Must include a least two (2) lab sciences.

SOCIAL STUDIES 3.0 credits: Washington State History (Is offered in grade 7 or 8 does not earn credit but satisfies the graduation requirement.) World Geography (0.50 cr.), World History (0.50 cr.), US History and Government (1 cr.), Civics (0.50 cr.), and CWP/Economics (0.50 cr.).

HEALTH & FITNESS EDUCATION 2.0 credits: Must include 1.5 credits of fitness and 0.50 credit of Health.

WORLD LANGUAGES 2.0 credits: Both credits may be a Personalized Pathway Requirements (PPR)***

FINE ARTS (Visual & Performing Arts) 2.0 credits: Only one (1) credit may be fulfilled with courses that meet the Fine Art requirement.  

Both credits may be a Personalized Pathway Requirements (PPR)***

OCCUPATIONAL/CAREER & TECHNICAL EDUCATION (CTE) 1.0 credit: May be an Occupational/CTE course that meets the definition of an exploratory course as described in the CTE Program standards



Successful completion of the High School and Beyond Plan

*** The Personalized Pathway Requirements (PPR):  Three (3) courses that lead to a specific post-high school career outcome chosen by the student, based on the students interest and High School and Beyond Plan.

The High School and Beyond Plan is a formal process designed to help students think about their future goals and how to accomplish those goals. This includes exploring interests and career options, developing a course plan for high school, and exploring opportunities to develop skills. Students create their High School and Beyond Plans in cooperation with parents/guardians and school staff. Students start their plans in sixth (6th) grade and then continue to revise them throughout high school to accommodate changing interests or goals.