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Running Start

Currently, there are opportunities for Yakima School District students to take courses where they earn college credits while also earning high school credits towards the completion of their high school graduation requirements. 

Yakima School District offers college credit opportunities through programs like Running Start, Tech Prep, Advanced Placement, International Baccalaureate, and YVTech. There are also opportunities for students to earn college credit through a variety of CTE and College in High School courses where students remain at their high school and engage in college-level learning in their high school classes. The Yakima School District is currently piloting a new pathway for students to earn college credit in their high school classes that will result in an associate of arts degree from an accredited university by the time they graduate from high school. 

About Running Start

The Running Start Program is a partnership between Yakima Valley College (YVC)  and Washington State public high schools. The program offers eligible high school juniors and seniors the opportunity to enroll in regular college classes and receive both high school and college credit for those classes.

Earn up to two years of college tuition free.

Study subjects not offered at your high school.

Participate in advanced level courses.

Earn your Associate in Arts & Sciences Transfer Degree (AA-DTA).

Experience a college atmosphere.

So how does Running Start work for high school students?

For more information click the link to YVCC

  • The Running Start program is available fall, winter and spring quarters.
  • Students receive both high school and college credit for completed courses.
  • Students may enroll simultaneously in high school and college classes, or solely in college classes.
  • Students can enroll full time or part time and can take daytime, evening and online classes.
  • Tuition charges are paid for by the high school up to 15 credits per quarter.
  • Tuition costs are dependent on the number of high school classes the student is taking.
  • Students are responsible to pay fees and purchase or rent textbooks and supplies.
  • Students are responsible for their own transportation.
  • Fee waivers are available for students who qualify by completing the fee waiver form.
  • Private school and home-schooled students are welcome to apply.
  • To be eligible for Running Start, students must meet minimum placement requirements of English 101 and Math 085.