• Student Enrollment

    Yakima Online students enroll in one course at a time. The expectation is for them to complete one course every three weeks in order to graduate on time. The course is determined after a credit evaluation is conducted by the counselor.

    Formal registration is conducted 2 times per school calendar year; however, students can enter Yakima Online at any time during the school year. We close registration around May 7 due to the fact that students may not be able to finish a course by the end of the school year in June.  We make exceptions to all of our guidelines for extenuating circumstances. These are reviewed by our principal. 

    students also take the BASI to see if their Reading, Writing, and Math are at a 6th-grade level. The course content is at or above these levels. 

    The students attend an intake with the school counselor to assist students with their entry.

    Students may access their courses 24/7.

  • Student Performance and Demographics

    Data for school year: 2017-2018

    Teacher-to-student ratio: 1:47

    Course completion rate: 86% of 805 enrollments

    Course pass rate: 97% of 805 enrollments