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  • The Davis High School Interact Club Holiday Community Food Drive

    Posted by Ashley LaRiviere on 1/11/2022
    The Davis High School Interact Club collected hundreds of cans and items of nonperishable food from dozens of caring families in the heart of historic Yakima last weekend!
    food drive students
    Involving 20 volunteers over two weekends, the Holiday Community Food Drive collected over 40 bags and boxes of various soups, chilis, ramen, and other packaged goods. Interact’s Vice President, Ace Federspiel, said that “the food drive was a huge success. The number of donations was pretty impressive.”
    food drive
    All proceeds are being donated to Rod’s House to support vulnerable youth and families. The Interact Club would like to give a big shout-out to the Yakima Cares organization for lending a hand in spreading awareness in the community and donating much-needed items!
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  • Davis Auditorium: A look at the past and future

    Posted by Jeffrey Rist on 1/3/2022
    • The Davis Auditorium will be remodeled soon and we are all looking forward to the future of this auditorium...but it wouldn't be right to not look back at the rich history of this staple in the Yakima community!   
      This is a Special Edition of Davis News Network (DNN) showcasing the rich history of the Davis Auditorium.
      We have brief interviews with a couple of staff members and a tour from the basement to attic with John Pleasants...stories and previews of the new remodel along the way.
      Tour Camerawork by students:  Ariana Carmona and Julia Snow
      Hosted by student:  Marley Goodwin
      Producer/Edited by instructor:   Jeff Rist
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  • New School Buses Have Seatbelts

    Posted by Richard Porter on 12/30/2021

    School Bus Seatbelts

    The Yakima School District transportation department is proud to announce the process of phasing into our fleet, school buses equipped with safety restraint devices or seatbelts. It is the goal of the Yakima School District Transportation Department to have safety restraint-equipped buses phased in over the course of our school bus replacement cycle. 

    Traveling to and from school in a school bus is statistically still the safest mode of transportation, and we believe the implementation of seatbelts will only improve that statistic. 

    All parents/guardians and students on routes that may have a bus equipped with seatbelts will be notified and have additional information available to them. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call our transportation department at 573-7200.

    We appreciate your support as we continue to prioritize the safety of student transport in the Yakima School District.

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