• Cross Country

    Cross Country is a team sport where everyone is encouraged to do his/her best. You are expected to make personal goals and work to achieve them with your teammates and coaches cheering you on. Practices are four days a week until meets start a few weeks into the season. Then practices are three days a week with one meet each week. We compete against Yakima School District Middle Schools with each school hosting one meet. Our home meet is held at Chesterley Park and we always need volunteers to help. There is one optional meet on a Saturday. It is worth experiencing! The Sunfair Run is hosted by Eisenhower High School and has high school teams from several states competing as well as additional middle schools. Our season ends with an All-City Meet held at Franklin Middle School hosted by either Davis or Eisenhower High School. We sadly say goodbye to our season at the end of October.


    Head Coach: Michael Rhine

  • Top Times of All Years to Date:

    (1.5 miles)

    Eli 8:11

    Eli 8:50

    Eli 9:32

    Eli 9:42

    Eli, Jaycob - 10:04

    Eli 10:07

    Eli - 10:20

    Ben 10:51

    Yazmine 10:52

    Tony T. - 10:55

    6th Grade (1 mile)

    Jaycob - 6:32

    Jaycob - 6:39

    Katy - 6:40

    Katy - 6:49

    Alyssa - 6:59

    Josh K. - 7:01

    Karoly - 7:02

    Sean L. - 7:08

    Danny B. - 7:08

    Danny B. - 7:18