• School Policies

  • Student Drop Off/Pick up

    The parking lot is especially crowded before and after school. Please be patient and follow bus loading and student pick up procedures. This may mean you will need to wait for a parking space (if you are going to pick your child up in the classroom) or a curb side spot to pull into to pick up your child by the lot. These procedures are in place to help insure the safety of our students. Please DO NOT DOUBLE PARK IN THE LOT AND WAVE FOR YOUR CHILD TO CUT BETWEEN CARS TO COME TO YOU. All students must be accompanied by an adult before they are permitted to enter the parking lot.

    The student pick up zone is marked with white painted lines. The student pick up zone begins at the end of the fence and extends around the sidewalk by the gym. Students that are being picked up or dropped off must be done at the curb side. No students will be permitted to enter the parking lot without an adult at their side. Patience and cooperation from everyone will be greatly appreciated. Thank you.