• Hoover PTA

  • We have MANY opportunities for you to help out, both at school and at home!

    Here is a small list of ways you can help from home:

    • Boxtops (collecting and counting once a month)
    • Making phone calls
    • Making cookies or treats for teachers/staff
    • Writing for our newsletter
    • Making crafts at home

    Here is a small list of ways you can help at school:

    • Volunteer to work the book fair
    • Pop popcorn
    • Help collect money during fundraiser
    • Help with our Bully Project

    We are so much more than fundraising and carnivals! You do NOT have to be a PTA member to come to any of our meetings or events! However, only paid members have a vote in the important stuff. Our fundraising, what we spend that money on, and events we plan are all voted on by our members. If you want a voice in how YOUR PTA is ran, please join!! Membership is only $9 for the year!