• Common Core Training

  • Hoover Elementary Staff are busy becoming more effective instructors! We are in the process of being trained in the following instructional strategies so that we may better serve our students.

    Please read more to see how these strategies will benefit all of our students and feel free to ask your child’s teacher how they are implementing these strategies in their classrooms!

    It is a very exciting time in education and Hoover staff are ready for the challenge!

    1. Optimal Learning Model (Scaffolded Instruction)
      To create an intellectually active environment that fosters language development and subject matter mastery, offer students clear explanations, explicit modeling, and guided practice before independent practice.
    2. Think-Write-Pair-Share
      To provide processing time, build in wait time and to provide personal or one-on-one rehearsal. This strategy enhances depth and breadth of thinking, increases the level of understanding and provides opportunities to check for understanding.
    3. 10/2 & 5/2
      To provide time to process, reflect, rehearse or organize thinking after small, meaningful chunks of information. Example, after 10 or 5 minutes of teaching, students reflect for 2 minutes.
    4. Reflective Writing
      To create writing opportunities before, during or after learning activities for students to think, reflect and connect ideas based on high level questions
    5. Explicit Vocabulary Routine
      To provide students access to ideas in content by purposefully teaching vocabulary necessary for understanding. School chooses one vocabulary routine, (Teaching and Practicing Critical Vocabulary; GLAD Cognitive Content Dictionary; AVID Learning and Retaining Academic Vocabulary; Frayer Model) that best aligns with the student needs in the building.