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    "The Mission of the Library Media Program is to ensure

    all students are effective users and producers of information."

    Students may come to library in the mornings before the bell at 7:50, during all lunches, and after school for Homework Center on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays until 3:30 PM.  Students can check out books, read, do assignments, use computers, print out documents, use email, and do creative art projects at our new MAKERSPACE!!  See more details on Home Work Center and our MakerSpace below.

    Reading is a skill to develop all during your life; it is necessary in every job and every subject in school.  Sharing stories and being an independent learner enriches your life and everyone around you.  You can read to a younger sibling, share a poem with a parent, laugh over jokes, and explore new ideas.  Make reading a part of your day everyday, and you will open your mind to unlimited possibilities.

    Here are some ideas one helping people become life-long learners and readers from the BookShare blog:  Recommending Books  Happy Reading!

  • A Night Divided

     The Reading-Writing Connection:  The library has signed copies of Jennifer's books including her latest publication A Night Divided about when The Berlin Wall went up on a Saturday night in August 1961.  Her story is based on actual events when families were divided by the wall and had to risk their lives to be reunited.  I got to meet Jennifer and spend the day with her talking about books, readers and writers.  She had her nails done special with barbed wire in honor of her new book!

    Check out her Ascendance Trilogy that begins with The False Prince, a New York Times best seller.  Jennifer has a new trilogy The Mark of the Thief; book two is coming out in January 2016 called The Rise of the Wolf

    For all you future writers, read Jennifer's handout from a speech she gave at our library conference to learn how YOU can someday publish a book too!!