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    Hello DHS students!

    We look forward to serving you for your healthcare needs during the school year! Our clinic is closed for the summer, but we can help you find healthcare during the summer if you need it!

    • If you have had a visit with the Davis Health Clinic in the past and have the need for confidential services (birth control, sexually transmitted infection concerns, etc) or behavioral health services (anxiety, depression, substance use, etc) please contact Yakima Pediatrics at 509-575-0114. It is important that you inform them you are a patient at the Davis Health Clinic!
    • If you have never seen a provider at the Davis Health Clinic, please contact your primary care provider.
    • If you have routine healthcare needs, (like your annual checkup, vaccines, or a sports physical) contact your primary care provider.
    • If you do not know who your primary care provider is, please contact our Outreach Team at (509) 574-6140 and they can assist you.
    • We can be reached on 509-314-8722 during the regular school year only. Messages on this number will not returned during summer. 
  • Other Community Mental Health Providers In Yakima

    (These providers are accepting medical coupons)


    - Behavioral Health

      Yakima Valley Farm Workers Clinic

      918 East Mead Avenue

      (509) 453-1344


    - Central Washington Comprehensive Mental Health

       505 South 4th Avenue

       (509) 575-4084


    Catholic Family and Child Services

       5301 Tieton Drive

       (509) 965-7100