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  • Stanton Counseling

    Our Counselors: We are here to provide social, emotional, and academic support to all Stanton students.  If you have any concerns or questions please contact us.   


    Guidance Specialist: Mrs. Donna Kelly (assigned to all Seniors with 16 credits or more)

    The counseling department has an "open door" policy for students during school hours. Students are encouraged to schedule appointments with their counselor if the counselor isn’t available to meet with them right away.

    The counseling staff provides the first contact many students will have with high school. We are staffed by certificate school counselors and guidance specialists, we provide a variety of services to students, parents, and our staff assists in encouraging student success.

    The counseling staff is available to assist with individual personal problems, scheduling problems, or credit check evaluations. Students needing referrals for professional help with personal, drug or alcohol problems may meet with our on-campus contracted provider.

    The counseling office offers an excellent opportunity to obtain individual/group counseling support in dealing with personal and social concerns that are impacting the student’s ability to learn. Career and Post High School planning and information are also available.

    Referral to Appropriate Programs or Agencies is available.


    Social-Emotional Specialist/School Counselor  

    Sarah Hull

    Social/Emotional Specialist


    (509) 573-1211


    Erin Wilson

    School Counselor/Stanton


    (509) 573-1214


    Priscilla Noriega



    (509) 573-1217


    Scheduling and Credit Questions

    Donna Kelly

    Guidance Specialist/Senior Graduation Specialist


    (509) 573 1213

    Student Support Specialists

    Martha Guzman

    Student Retrieval/Retention Specialist


    (509) 573-1216


    Diego Camargo

    Bilingual Student Advocate


    (509) 573 1257


    Juan Romo

    Bilingual Student Advocate


    (509) 572-1256

    Community in Schools Advocates

    Edith Godinez-Leano

    CIS Student Advocate


    (509) 573-1252


    Brianna Henry

    CIS Student Advocate


    (509) 573-1256