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  • Counseling


  • Davis Counseling Center

    Department Fax: (509) 573-2796

    Students: The counseling department has an "open door" policy for students during school hours. They can also schedule an appointment with their counselor.

    Parents: Please make an appointment with your student's counselor to avoid scheduling conflicts and to ensure you will have the time you need to address your concerns, questions, etc. Unavoidable interruptions and emergencies may occur during your scheduled appointment; however, every attempt will be made to avoid rescheduling your appointment.

    Requesting an Unofficial Transcript: When applying for scholarships, colleges, jobs or special programs you must plan accordingly if you need an unofficial transcript. Please allow 24 hour notice for an unofficial transcript.

  • Counselors

    Students are assigned a counselor based on their last names.

    Last names beginning with A-Cam
    Don Mason
    (509) 573-2521
    Email me


    Last names beginning with Can - Fi:
    Aleida Rangel
    (509) 573-2522

    Email me


    Last names beginning with Fl - He:
    Kathryn Lemmon
    (509) 573-2514
    Email me


    Last names beginning with Hi - Mel
    Gerardo Montes de Oca
    (509) 573-2513
    Email me


    Last names beginning with Men - Pe
    Edith Alvarez
    (509) 573-2591
    Email me


    Last names beginning Ph-Sa
    Manuela (Nelly) Guzman
    (509) 573-2515
    Email me


    Last names beginning Sch - Z
    Sylvia Nishi
    (509) 573-2576
    Email me


    Davis Guidance Specialist (A-Z):
    Armando Garcia
    (509) 573-2512
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    Student Services Secretary:
    Melissa Balli