Athletics Registration

  • We are excited to announce that we are now offering the convenience of online registration through FamilyID ( which is now part of the ArbiterSports ( family! FamilyID is a secure registration platform that provides you with an easy, user-friendly way to register for our athletic programs, and helps us to be more efficient and environmentally responsible. When you register through FamilyID, the system keeps track of your information in your FamilyID profile. You enter your information only once for each family member for multiple uses and multiple sports.



    Your student MUST have a current Sports Physical and Insurance to participate in any Yakima School District athletic program.



    It will be helpful to have the following information handy to allow for the accurate completion of your online registration.

    • Doctor name and phone number
    • Insurance Provider and Group number
    • Date of Sports Physical



    A parent/guardian can register by clicking on this link:

    First, create and activate your FamilyID account.

    1. After you sign up for an account please check your inbox for an Activation Email from FamilyID. You'll need to click the link in that email to activate your account.
    2. Once you have activated your account, you will be ready to register for our program! 

    No Payment Required or Alternate Payment Method (check, cash, non-FamilyID payment site) 

    1. Click the blue Submit button. After selecting Submit, the registration will be complete. You will receive a completion email from FamilyID confirming your registration.

    At any time, you may login at to update your information and to check your registration(s).
    To view a completed registration, select the Registrations tab in the blue menu bar at the top of your screen.



    • If you need assistance with registration, contact FamilyID at: or781-205-2800 x1.
    • Support is available 5 days per week, Monday through Friday, and messages will be returned promptly.

Student Behavior Expectations For School Sponsored Events

  • The athletic season has begun.  We have sports teams that we can be proud of.  It is equally important that we can be proud of the behavior of our fans at these events, even the youngest ones.  

    1. Students are expected to sit in the stands during the athletic contest and watch the game.  Students are not to be “hanging out” behind the stadium, in the hallways, in the cafeteria, between the gyms or on the adjacent playing fields.

    2. Students must be able to produce their school ID upon request.

    3. Students will not be allowed to leave during the event unless given permission by the supervisor.  

    4. Students that leave the building will not be allowed to re-enter.

    5. Students are advised not to bring footballs, projectiles, or other distracting “toys” to our facilities. These will be confiscated when they are discovered. 

    6. Students are expected to show good sportsmanship to everyone that is involved in the competition:  players, fans, and officials.  Taunting and booing will not be tolerated.

    7. Those students who exhibit misconduct or unacceptable behavior may be asked to leave the building and/or may be declared ineligible to attend future events.

    8. Students who have been suspended in school or out-of-school or skipped an after-school detention will not be allowed to attend an athletic event on the day(s) of his/her suspension or skipped detention.



    1.  Applause during introduction of players, coaches, and officials.

    2.  Recognize and show appreciation for outstanding play by either team.

    3. Accept all decisions of game officials.

    4. Be positive and refrain from making any derogatory remark to or about any player during the game.

    5. Handshakes between participants and coaches at the end of the contest, regardless of the outcome.

    6. Display modesty in victory and graciousness in defeat.

    7. Coaches/players search out opposing participants to recognize them for outstanding performance or coaching.

    8. Applause at the end of the contest for performance of all participants.

    9. Show concern for an injured player, regardless of the team.

    10. Encourage surrounding people to display only sportsmanlike conduct by being a positive role model.



    1. Yelling or waving arms during opponent’s free throw or serves.

    2. Disrespectful or derogatory comments, chants, songs, or gestures.

    3. Booing or heckling an official’s decision.

    4. Criticizing officials in any way.

    5. Any behavior that antagonizes opponents.

    6. Refusing to shake hands or give recognition for good performance.

    7. Blaming the loss of the game on officials, coaches, or participants.

    8. Laughing or name calling to distract an opponent.

    9. Use of profanity or displays of anger that draw attention away from the game.


    The Lewis and Clark Middle Schooll Athletic Department and Administration thanks all students and parents in advance for their cooperation and compliance with the expectations presented in this letter. We look forward to having you at the games to cheer on our Trailblazers and help them bring home a victory!


  • Note to Parents:
    All student physicals must be updated! Please schedule a sports physical as soon as possible!

    YSD Sports - 2023-2024

    Fall: Football, Volleyball, Boys Soccer, XC, Fastpitch

    Winter I: Girls Basketball, Wrestling

    Winter II: Boys Basketball, Girls Bowling

    Spring: Baseball, Girls Soccer, Track & Field

Winter Sports Schedules

  • Season Dates

    Yakima Middle Schools will be posting Winter Sports Schedules soon! Please check back here for game/contest schedules for the following middle school sports: Cross Country Fastpitch Softball (Girls) Football Soccer (Boys) Volleyball (Girls) Also, forms for signing up athletes are located on your school's website under the Family ID tab. For more information, contact your school's Athletic Director.

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Spring Sports Schedules

  • Season Dates

    Yakima Middle Schools will be posting Spring Sports Schedules soon! Please check back here for game/contest schedules. Also, forms for signing up athletes are located on your school's website under the Family ID tab. For more information, contact your school's Athletic Director.

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