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  • Robertson Field Day

    Posted by Kim Newell on 6/17/2022


    Robertson Elementary had an amazing field day, thanks to the help of our Yakima Foursquare Church volunteers.  Students had fun going to different activities with a popsicle at the end of their day.  Favorite activities voted on by students were the human car wash, slime and face painting.


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  • Robertson 5th Grade Class Creates Tasty Science!

    Posted by Mrs. Oldenkamp on 6/8/2022


    Mrs. Oldenkamp's 5th graders enjoyed a lesson on changes of matter phases as they made icecream in a bag. The best part? They got to eat the results! 

    Mrs. Oldenkamp's 5th graders enjoyed watching changes in matter as they make ice cream in a bag.

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  • Congratulation to 5th Grade Robertson Students!! VFW Art Award Winners!

    Posted by Kim Newell on 6/8/2022

    Congratulations to Robertson Elementary 5th grade students Natalie Boucher, Olivia Jackson and Yazmin Sanchez Pina.  These three students were part of the VFW Art & Singing Competition titled:  Illustrating America.  Students were judged on patriotic theme and technique.  Olivia took 1st place and Yazmine took 3rd place in their age group.  Olivia painted acrylics on canvas and Yazmine sketched and colored her piece of art.  Olivia's art was sent on to the National competition.

    Natalie took first place in the solo vocal singing of The Star Spangled Banner. Natalie will advance to the VFW Auxiliary National competition.

    The competition was sent out by Frances Guerrero to all of YSD.  5th grade teacher Elizabeth Smith encouraged her students to participate in the contest.

    art winners





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