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  • Elementary Music Masters

    Posted by Andie Webb on 3/27/2023

    As spring arrives and winter falls away, our music students are busy with spring concerts. K-5 students can be heard presenting their best voices and dance moves for staff, parents and family. Students are also showing off their skills by playing drums, recorders, marimba's, and ukelele! Schools that have held concerts so far include Nob Hill, Hoover, and Robertson. We hope all staff will take the opportunity to see our super students in action!




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  • Robertson Field Day

    Posted by Kim Newell on 6/17/2022


    Robertson Elementary had an amazing field day, thanks to the help of our Yakima Foursquare Church volunteers.  Students had fun going to different activities with a popsicle at the end of their day.  Favorite activities voted on by students were the human car wash, slime and face painting.


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  • Robertson 5th Grade Class Creates Tasty Science!

    Posted by Mrs. Oldenkamp on 6/8/2022


    Mrs. Oldenkamp's 5th graders enjoyed a lesson on changes of matter phases as they made icecream in a bag. The best part? They got to eat the results! 

    Mrs. Oldenkamp's 5th graders enjoyed watching changes in matter as they make ice cream in a bag.

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