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  • "Girls Who Code" At Hoover Elementary School

    Posted by Ashley LaRiviere on 6/8/2022
    Girls Who Code (GWC) is an international nonprofit working to close the gender gap in technology. The program is open to girls in grades 3 - 12. GWC teaches coding through the platform Scratch, where the girls learn the vocabulary and skills to develop programs for games, activities, and service projects.
    Mrs. VanAmburg began the Girls Who Code program at Hoover Elementary School to inspire, educate, and equip our girls with the computing skills they need to pursue technology opportunities.
    This year, she worked with 40 girls in 4th and 5th grade. Together, they created programs that told jokes, created mazes, and even virtual pets. The girls walked away with a love of coding and new friendships.
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  • Hoover Girls who Code Program

    Posted by Anita Navarro on 5/13/2022
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  • Good Behavior Leads to Magic at Hoover Elementary

    Posted by Ari Vazquez on 4/25/2022

    New Hoover Elementary teacher, Cheryl McMillan, praised the personal follow-up of Principal Julio Sanchez and his admin, saying that it is some of the best she has seen in her 16 years of experience.  

    McMillan, who teaches in the SST program, explained the excitement of students who were promised a magician's visit if they had good behavior last week. 

    "On Monday, Mr. Sanchez made a promise to my students that if he didn't have to be called (for behavior concerns) he would have a magician come to see them and, guess what, that magician showed up today and my students were just so excited. It is this type of hands-on administration that a district needs," said McMillan. 

    Outside of keeping magic show promises, Sanchez has also recently worked hard to organize a fire training service, arrange an ice cream party, and resourcefully sourced other support for students that were struggling with traditional academic structure.

    McMillan shared, "They don't sit on things and they don't shove things under the rug. If you need something, it is dealt with and the follow-through is amazing. The kids know if he (Julio) says something, he is going to do it."

    Magician performing for studentsStudents enjoying magicKids enjoying magic as a treat for good behavior all week

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