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  • McKinley's Peace Path

    Posted by Al Fischer on 9/25/2023

    According to our Assistant Principal, Mrs. Bass, "The peace path at McKinley is a way for our students to learn how to solve disagreements on the playground without having to rely on an adult to solve the problem for them."

    A Peace Path painted on the sidewalk

    "The goal is to build students' confidence in their own problem-solving skills. It also allows adults to  be involved in more meaningful ways while empowering students to settle their own disagreements fairly with both parties being heard."

    A Peach Path painted on the sidewalk

    The instructions for how to use it are below- I have given the Spanish version.  At each point, the participants answer and ask particular questions.  These questions foster reflective listening, ensuring both people feel heard, and helping lead to a mutual resolution.  Very cool!

    Directions for using the Peace Path

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  • McKinley's Día de Los Niños y Libros

    Posted by Al Fischer on 5/3/2023

    We had a great day at McKinley on Friday, May 28.  We celebrated Día de Los Niños y Libros!  The day started with every student having a personal card on their desk waiting for them.  They loved reading words of appreciation and encouragement.

    A student reading a card

    Later in the day, every student got a chance to go to the gym and choose a book to keep for their very own.

    A student choosing a book

    There was also time in the day for fun stuff to do in the classroom!

    A student with a toy

    We wrapped up the day with an all-school assembly.  During the assembly, the McKinley Dancers performed in their new costumes!

    Students dancing

    It was an awesome day.  We love and appreciate all of our Mavericks.  Keep doing your best!

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  • McKinley Math Night!

    Posted by Al Fischer on 4/19/2023

    McKinley math night on April 13th was a huge success! Families came together to learn and have fun with math.

    Families at McKinley Math Night

    There were games, puzzles, and activities that challenged everyone's problem-solving skills. The atmosphere was lively and engaging, and it was great to see everyone having a good time while learning.

    Playing games at math night.

    It was an amazing event that brought the school community together and helped promote a love for math. Thank you Mrs. Ayala-Dean for coordinating this event, the staff who helped with the food and fun, and the families who participated.

    Families and math night.

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