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  • McKinley's Festival Afuera!

    Posted by Al Fischer on 6/15/2022

    Festival Afuera is McKinley's all-school spring concert.  On Wednesday, August 8, all specialist classes happened outside, so we could put the grade level classes together for the first time.  On Thursday morning, we had an all-school practice outside to put the whole show together.  Then, on Thursday evening, students, staff and families came together for the performance. It was so much fun!  We had a fabulous turnout, and everyone had a great time.  Good work, Mavericks!

    Students singing outsideA large outdoor gathering of students and families

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  • McKinley Celebrates Día de Los Niños

    Posted by Al Fischer on 5/9/2022

    We had a wonderful celebration of Día de Los Niños at McKinley on Friday, April 29.  The day started with each student finding a note addressed to them on their desk, expressing love and appreciation.  These notes came from parents, teachers and a host of YSD staff.

    Students reading letters they received

    Then half of the school proceeded into the gym for an assembly.  Our McKinley Dancers performed, books were given to the classrooms, and a great time was had by all.  

    Folklorico dancers at McKinley

    While those students were in the assembly, the rest created their own bookmarks, which were later laminated and returned to them.  Then the two halves of the student body switched places for a second assembly/bookmark creating.  For pictures of all of this and more, which this short video our principal, Amanda Voorhees, created.  Staff and students all agreed that we need to do this every year.  :-)  McKinley Día Video


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  • Connecting Students and Standards: Tracking Learning Progress

    Posted by Amanda Voorhees and Al Fischer on 4/19/2022

    This year, McKinley Elementary has focused on increasing Student Voice.  One of those ways was teachers partnering with students in tracking assessment data.  All K-5 students have a binder in their classroom for tracking their own data.  Each classroom and grade level are doing things differently, experimenting with what works, then sharing successes with the building.  Some students track daily or weekly, while others track their work around a specific standard throughout the year.  Also, our Specialist Team met recently to discuss ways that they can have students track data, supporting the overall work at McKinley.  Here are some of the ways that our students are actively tracking their learning progress.


    Student data display

    The teacher and student meet to review at the beginning of the unit to determine where they are, based on the unit pre-assessment.  Here, the blue box indicates that the student is currently working at grade level standard.  Other students may have their blue box lower on the ladder, indicating where they are starting from.


    Student data chart

    Students track their progress on formative assessments throughout the unit.


    Student data chart

    ELL students meet one on one with our ELD staff prior to taking the WIDA.  The first column is how the student performed on the prior year's assessment.  The second column shows their goal for this year.  They also write a letter to the parents, sharing this information with them.  When the scores come in, the staff will have a post-conference with the students, celebrating successes.

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