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  • McClure Elementary Welcomes Their Incoming Kindergarten Class At Kinder Academy

    Posted by Ashley LaRiviere on 8/9/2022

    McClure Elementary excitedly welcomed incoming kindergarten students to "Kinder Academy" this week!

    Kinder Academy is a special time of preparation for children to see and become familiar with the school, meet the teachers and staff, and participate in a Common Assessment Screener to guide us in the best classroom placement.

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  • Gesa Credit Union suports McClure!

    Posted by Jaime Lee on 5/6/2022

    In honor of National Kindergarten Day, Gesa Credit Union donated cookies, an activity book, and $1,000 to McClure Elementary Kindergartners. THANK YOU, Gesa Credit Union! 


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  • McClure 4th graders Perform a Wax Museum

    Posted by Jaime Lee on 4/27/2022

    Fourth-grade students at McClure put on a wax museum in their classroom. First, students researched a famous historical figure. Then students wrote out facts, their figure's life story, and created a timeline.  They worked to put all of this on a presentation board to display. Students then dressed as their historical figures and invited other classes and their families to come and visit the wax museum. During the museum, when their  "button was pushed", they had to act out their part and tell the life story of their historical figure.  

    Wax museum 1WAX 2Waltwax awaxwax alanizwax 4

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