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  • BALIKI, BALIGRA and Pandemonium Concert

    Posted by Marie G. Webb on 4/17/2022

    The steel drum bands housed at Barge Lincoln Elementary have been playing since 2014. The pandemic shut down rehearsals for a very long time and the bands have performed in chamber groups virtually while Pandemonium was able to play outside. 

    April 21 at 7 p.m. is the first "real concert" that these students will perform in two years! This is also the very first time performing for several students in BALIKI. We're excited to be back and to see where this will lead us!

    Concert April 21 at 7pm

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  • Communities In Schools Shares How Yakima Schools Go All In For Kids

    Posted by Ashley LaRiviere on 4/13/2022
    Learn how the Yakima School District goes ALL IN for kids through a partnership with Communities In Schools of Central Washington. Communities in Schools empowers students to confront and overcome personal challenges and structural barriers.

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  • Fourth Grade Science at Barge

    Posted by Hector Mendez on 2/15/2022

    The fourth grade students in Mrs. Criste and Mr. Wallace's classrooms at Barge-Lincoln have been learning about kinetic and potential energy.  The students are learning that the faster a given object is moving, the more energy it possesses.  Additionally, they will be learning how energy can be transferred in various ways and between objects.  (Next Generation  Science Standards 4-PS3-1) 

    The students constructed a racecar track to construct an explanation relating the speed of a racecar to the energy it produces at various heights.  Way to go, Bobcats!  


    Students with constructed a racecar track


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