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  • Ridgeview Library Flourishes with Literacy Initiatives and Funding

    Posted by Ari Vazquez on 8/20/2023
    The Ridgeview Library received a $5000 Laura Bush Literacy Grant. The grant money will be used to update the nonfiction selection and begin building our Spanish-Language books in the library for the new dual-language program. This grant purchased 207 new books.
    The librarian, Ms. Chicken also received a Yakima Schools Foundation grant and created literacy bags for every Ridgeview Kindergartner. The literacy bags included two books, literacy activities, and more.
    Finally, after a long hiatus, the library also hosted a Scholastic Book Fair, which raised $3000 in new books for the library.  Ms.Chicken is thankful for the support of the Ridgeview families and staff for making it a successful book fair!
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  • Inclusive Playground Equipment

    Posted by Katherine Graham on 3/31/2023

    Mrs. Graham's classroom at Ridgeview Elementary received a grant from the Yakima School Foundation for inclusive playground equipment. This equipment provides opportunities to play sports with peers for students who have various mobility needs. The students received an adjustable basketball hoop, an obstical course, a bowling set and various playground balls.

    The students have enjoyed practicing their basketball skills. The students enjoyed practicing their basketball skills. 

    Indoor recess was a blast with bowling and some added math problems. Indoor recess was a blast with bowling and added math problems. 

    Obstacle Course Obstacle course challenges were fun for all! 

    Thank you Yakima Schools Foundation for providing these materials for our students! 

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  • Ridgeview students enjoy recess time with the principal!

    Posted by Mattie Cuevas on 10/17/2022


    Mr. Jensen at recess building meaningful connections with our students! Thank you Ridgeview principals for making Ridgeview a fun, positive place to go to school! 

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