YSD Stories

  • Ridgeview students enjoy recess time with the principal!

    Posted by Mattie Cuevas on 10/17/2022


    Mr. Jensen at recess building meaningful connections with our students! Thank you Ridgeview principals for making Ridgeview a fun, positive place to go to school! 

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  • Alex From Ridgeview Elementary Shares How His Family Celebrates Mexican Culture

    Posted by Ashley LaRiviere on 10/4/2022

    #HispanicHeritageMonth Join us in hearing from Ridgeview Elementary student, Alex, about how his family celebrates Mexican culture. For more information about what's happening in our schools for #HispanicHeritageMonth, visit ysd7.org/hispanicheritagemonth

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  • Mrs. Schubert's class passes 1,000 Imagine Math lessons as a class. The most in the nation

    Posted by Christopher Jensen on 3/10/2022

    Mrs. Schubert's 5th Grade Class

    Ridgeview Elementary has made a concerted effort to increase math scores by utilizing time in the building a little differently.  As a result, Ridgeview is currently one of the top 30 schools in the nation in passing math lessons in the online interface Imagine Math.  One of the reasons we are experiencing so much success is the efforts of individual students, paraeducators, and teachers.  Mrs. Schubert's 5th grade has been the most exemplary in this area.  After setting weekly individual goals for completing math lessons, they reached a rarely met milestone of passing 1,000 math lessons as a classroom.  There are 16,000 schools in the nation that are using Imagine Math in their school buildings and the only class to reach that mark this year is Mrs. Schubert's 5th grade class at Ridgeview.  

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