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  • A Student Shares Pride in Treaty Day Celebration

    Posted by Ari Vazquez on 6/10/2022

    Tatum Quaempts is a student at Franklin Middle School and a Yakama Nation Tribal member. Tatum saw the Treaty Days display going up and volunteered to let us display his bustle which is part of his regalia. Because Tatum was excited about the school honoring his heritage, he shared a special story about his bustle that he made with his grandfather after getting his first hawk.

    A student's bustle

    He added that his grandfather would share many of the cultural traditions with him. Tatum says that his grandfather told him the importance of his bustle and that the regalia is an important part of him because it displays who they are and the pride they have in their culture. Tatum shared that his grandfather also taught him how to make other parts of the regalia that he (Tatum) would wear during Pow-wow competitions.

    On Thursday afternoon, Tatum got a chance to speak with Superintendent Trevor Greene and share that he was happy that his school was highlighting a part of his culture. Tatum has plans to graduate from high school and wants to attend Central Washington University and obtain a degree in Criminal Justice. He also states that his goal is to become a U.S. Marshall. We are happy to have Tatum as part of our Franklin family and wish him the best in high school and college.

    SI and proud student

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  • Franklin Earth Day Activity

    Posted by Ashley LaRiviere on 4/25/2022

    At Franklin Middle School, Mrs. Norman and Mr. Segura organized an Earth Day lesson about human impact on the environment. The lesson included a campus/park clean-up day with their 7th-grade science classes, including collecting data to review as a class activity in their classrooms. Mrs. Norman and Mr. Segura shared that their Earth Day activity was successful!

    picking up garbage

    Many 7th-grade students swarmed around campus and Franklin Park on the lookout for litter throughout the day. Using the Litterati app, students would snap a picture of the trash, pick it up, and move on to the next find. The app allowed the students to keep individual and group totals and have a picture record of every piece picked up! The total at the end of the challenge was 4,938 pieces!

    cleanign garbage

    Thank you to our 7th-grade students for supporting our essential lesson about the human impact on the environment. Thank you to our excellent teachers, Mrs. Norman and Mr. Segura, for organizing such a great lesson.

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  • BALIKI, BALIGRA and Pandemonium Concert

    Posted by Marie G. Webb on 4/17/2022

    The steel drum bands housed at Barge Lincoln Elementary have been playing since 2014. The pandemic shut down rehearsals for a very long time and the bands have performed in chamber groups virtually while Pandemonium was able to play outside. 

    April 21 at 7 p.m. is the first "real concert" that these students will perform in two years! This is also the very first time performing for several students in BALIKI. We're excited to be back and to see where this will lead us!

    Concert April 21 at 7pm

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