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  • Eisenhower High School Track & Field and Cross Country Coach, Phil English, Receives 2023 Ted Robertson Award

    Posted by Ashley LaRiviere on 3/15/2023
    Congratulations to Eisenhower High School track and field and cross country coach, Phil English, for receiving the 2023 Ted Robertson Award from the Greater Yakima Chamber of Commerce! The award honors individuals each year that have made major contributions to the betterment of the Greater Yakima area. This year, the theme was CHAMPION OF SPORTS.
    Phil English has coached track and cross country at Eisenhower High School since 1986 and has won multiple state championships. He also teaches classes in biology, anatomy, and physiology at the high school.
    After growing up in Ireland, English moved to the U.S. to attend and run track and cross country at Washington State University.
    He said he was honored to receive the award, particularly because it was for his work off the field. He praised the Yakima community and looks forward to the attention and involvement sports can draw from all corners of the state. “I’m extremely honored with the recognition,” he said. “(We are) trying to put the best foot forward for the Yakima community.” (Source: Yakima Herald Republic)
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  • SMILE WIDE! An IKE FCCLA Dental Community Service Project

    Posted by Suzanne Walker on 3/5/2023

    SMILE WIDE...Everyone!

    Eisenhower High School FCCLA Club presented a fun, interactive, and educational experience that focused on dental education with a community service project, which was designed for students in 1st and 2nd grades from Whitney Elementary School in the Yakima School District. The Smile Wide event was a community service project designed and hosted by Eisenhower High School students and FCCLA members, Bethany Carter and Nathalie Martinez.   This dental education event was held at Eisenhower High School on December 10, 2022, where children heard stories about teeth, participated in an obstacle course, played a dental game online using Nearpod, decorated cookies shaped like a tooth, a smile, a toothbrush, and a face, and worked in a dental activity packet with wordsearches, "I spy", toothbrush pledge, and other fun activities.  Children received a dental bag that included a new toothbrush, a dental activity packet, decorated cookies to share with their families, toy prizes from the obstacle course, a completion certificate and, of course, the best prize....knowledge of how and why they need to take good care of their teeth.  The goal behind this project was to provide young children with basic dental hygiene skills since they are learning to take care of themselves.  The importance of good dental habits as well as understanding the need to take care of their teeth is something that will follow children throughout their lives. Anyone who missed the event and would like an email sent to them with the dental activity packets, videos of dental books that students can watch and listen to, and the cookie recipe can be obtained by emailing their adviser below.  This project will be presented at the WA-FCCLA State STAR Events competition on March 15th or 16th in Wenatchee, WA.  Community service projects are held each year in December for elementary children and are put on by IKE FCCLA club.  These events are free and fun for the high school students and FCCLA members who participate in them.  This year, the members who put on the event, Bethany and Nathalie, have realized how lucky they are to grow up in such a wonderful place as Yakima and they appreciate giving back to the community, being role models, and helping the next generation of children learn to take care of themselves by starting with learning about good dental habits and hygiene.  Any questions or if you would like the materials used for this event, you can email:  walker.suzanne@ysd7.org and the materials as well as videos of the students reading dental education books.  Keep Brushing and SMILE Wide!

    Bethany reading a book to the children called "Why I Need To Brush My Teeth?"

    Children answering question to see how much they know about brushing their teeth.Children learning by holding a melting ice cube what enamel on the outside of their teeth does to protect them.

    Children participating in the obstacle course.Nathalie ad Bethany and the children who attended the "SMILE WIDE" community service project with their dental certificates!



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  • Thinking About Catering Food As A Career?

    Posted by Suzanne Walker on 2/16/2023

    Do you want to pursue a Catering Food Career?  IKE Food Science Students are checking out this career!


    Eisenhower High School Food Science students in the year 1 classes were contacted by the IKE ASB to see if Mrs. Suzanne Walker's Food Science classes would cater the food for the IKE dances.  Students had to first learn what catering meant. Catering is the business of providing food and/or drink ready for a large group of people or, in this case,...hungry students...tasty food to eat while they are dancing at the dances.  So far this year, Food Science students have catered for the Homecoming Dance and Valentine's Dance.  In the classes, students made the most recent dance were:  Chocolate Covered Strawberries, Oreo cookies dipped in white coating, Rice Krispies treats with drizzled chocolate and vanilla coating on top, White cupcakes with vanilla frosting, and chocolate cupcakes & frosted with milk chocolate frosting.  Students learn about meeting the budget as well as the customer wants for the catered food.  Since eggs are so expensive right now, students used diet lemon-line soda and box cake mix to make a tasty and lowfat white cupcake.  For the chocolate cupcakes, students used canned pumpkin, water and box cake mix to make another tasty and lowfat chocolate cupcake.  It was a great hands on and real world experience for students to see what catered food for a large group was like.

    White Cupcakes Made with Diet Lemon Lime Soda

    Frosted cupcakes with Sprinkles!

    Rice Krispies Treats

    Chocolate Covered StrawberriesLowfast Chocolate Cake Made int Cupcakes

    White Cupcake with Diet Lemon-Lime Soda


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