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  • Thankful for gardens!

    Posted by Suzanne Walker on 11/22/2022

    Well... it's cold out there...but at Eisenhower High School, we are thankful for the summer garden grown by Mr. Roderick Gregg's Ag Science students last summer.  After the garden harvest, the produce was given to Mrs. Suzanne Walker's Food Science students.  From Zucchini to Tomatoes to Peppers to Carrots to Sunflower Seeds are just some of the produce and food that was grown by the IKE Agriculture Science students.  Recently, the Agriculture Science program got a new name and sign... "The Farm".

    IKE Agriculture Science Students

    Another group of IKE Agriculture Science Students

    Here is a recipe for Green Salsa Verde that IKE Food Science Students made with the green tomatoes picked from the garden grown by IKE Ag Science students.  Try this recipe when you have lots of green tomatoes on hand!

    Green Salsa Verde Recipe

    Green Tomato Salsa Verde Recipe

    Victoria Schmoe and Elijah Preciado, IKE Food Science Students Enjoying the Salsa!

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  • Yakima School District Partners with #1 in Innovation, Arizona State University, to Build Creative College Pathways

    Posted by Ari Vazquez on 11/14/2022

    ASU logo

    Yakima School District (YSD) is one of three school districts across the country partnering with Arizona State University (ASU) on a pilot program to increase access to college-level courses in high schools.
    ASU offers a series of Universal Learner Courses (ULCs), where students can earn college credits at an accessible cost. These credits can then be applied to associate or undergraduate degrees at a college or university of the students’ choice, including ASU.
    Nearly 75 ninth grade students at Eisenhower and AC Davis High School are currently enrolled in an ASU ULC online health class. Students take this class as part of their six-period day schedule and are supported in the classroom by YSD-certified teachers. Next semester, students will have the opportunity to take a biology class with a college credit option.
    We are excited about this partnership that provides creative pathways for students to complete a postsecondary degree.

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  • IKE FCCLA Attends Region 7 FCCLA Regional Meeting

    Posted by Suzanne Walker on 10/28/2022

    Make This Year InREDible!

    This is the theme for FCCLA this year.  FCCLA stands for Family, Career, and Community Leaders of America.  It is a  youth organization that focuses on leadership, community service, networking, attaining essential college and career-ready job skills, making friendships and networking with other members across the region, state and national levels.  

    Eisenhower High School had 22 members, 2 advisers, and 1 guest attended the Region 7 FCCLA Regional Meeting at Civic Center in Selah, WA.  The members that attended this regional meeting were:  Samara Hargraves-Escober, Roselyn Sanchez, Haritz Merlos Tello, Jasmine Haynie, Carissa Quesnell, Carynn Miller, Annabelle Betts, Odalia Lopez, Olivia Fuentes, Camila Carrillo, Ethiel Mercado, Kimberly Zapata, Xander Garibay, Zuleyka Medina, Jeanette Arenas, Marco Perez, Briana Lujano, Maya Martinez, Aracely Martinez, Riley Baker, Jolette Ibanez,and Jaqualyn Conright. 

    Members participated in leadership training, evaluator training for the upcoming competitive events, professional dress presentation, public speaking, running for regional or state officer positions, FCCLA trivia games, FCCLA Cheers and scholarship raffle.  Also, several community service projects were presented at the meeting for members to participate in during this year.   One community service project was a canned food drive for a local food bank and a recipe submission contest that would prevent many of the common food allergies. FCCLA members from region 7 attended the 2022 FCCLA National Leadership Conference (NLC) in San Diego, CA.  Nathalie Martinez was recognized for earning a Silver Medal in the Chapter Service Display competitive event.  Three members were recognized for earning their 2021-22 Power of One Certificate at FCCLA NLC:  Nathalie Martinez, Bethany Carter, and Evangeline Knerr.

    Eisenhower High School FCCLA members had a great time learning more about FCCLA, its programs, and ways to engage and be involved in FCCLA at the chapter, regional, state, and national levels.

    IKE FCCLA Members


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