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  • Adams Thanks YSD Leadership For Supporting Parent Booster Club Meetings

    Posted by Ari Vazquez on 3/15/2023

    Principal Kaplicky of Adams Elementary shares an appreciation for a recent positive Parent Listening Session with Board Chair Walker, R. Becket, Dr. Greene, and Dr. Darling and their Parent Booster Club. 

    Highlights of the meeting included the transformation of the new Parent Board over the last year, averaging 300 people every month for movie nights, positive feedback on the CEE (Culture and Climate) survey, and discussion of events like Posada (500 attendees last December and a projected 700 for the upcoming December).

    "It was a pleasure to meet with parents who sincerely expressed appreciation for the teachers and administrators at Adams.Their students are feeling safe, they like coming to school, and are performing well in their classes, said Board President, Norm Walker.

    Parents interested in involvement can call 509-573-7073 for more information. 

    Trevor and Robert at Parent Booster Club

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  • Congrats to Lily Baker of Adams for being selected as national ambassador for Children's Miracle Network, Ace Foundation!

    Posted by Ari Vazquez on 3/1/2023

    10-year-old Lily Baker of Adams Elementary is an ACE all-star and will serve as a national patient ambassador to raise awareness about the work of the Children's Miracle Network.

    This February, Lily, her family, and her teacher attended a red carpet event at the Children's Village that celebrated her welcome to the Ace community. As the tenth selection, Baker secured a $10,000 donation to the MultiCare Yakima Memorial Hospital in her honor. As an All-Star, she’ll continue to share her story and help raise funds for the hospital.

    On March 16th, Lily will be participating in the Mr. IKE pageant as a miracle child.   

    "I'm so excited for Lily. She has been instrumental in the mentor/mentee program at Adams and a perfect example of the school's inclusive practices," says Doug Kaplicky, Principal at Adams Elementary.  

    To learn more about The Memorial Foundation's upcoming fundraising efforts that often fill funding gaps, please visit here

    Lily with check  Lily on Carpet

    Lily with mic

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  • For Adams, SEL is as important as anything else done in education

    Posted by Ari Vazquez on 1/18/2023

    As we are in mid-January, we’re asking ourselves how we can best serve our Adams families in ways that strengthen social-emotional learning (SEL) strategies in the classroom and deepen the partnership between our Bulldog educators and families so we can all help our students be more than just okay.

    We hope that we continue to work with each other with trust and collaboration in support of the Yakima Valley educational community. It’s important for our SEL Team to hear your perspectives and insights. In fact, we believe fostering a strong connection with and hearing critical feedback from our Adams community of educators, families, and advocates is crucial for next level success for our students. As we begin this new semester, let’s build and deepen our relational trust and authentic connections as we move forward together on this journey.

    We are reminded each day of the power of SEL/PLCs/GLTs through your hard work together. That work affords us the unique opportunity to witness the far-reaching, long-lasting, positive outcomes SEL yields for our K-5 little people. Advocating for SEL and ensuring each child has access to the critical resources that will help them thrive is more important than ever.

    Team Adams: Thank you for all you do to support the safety and social-emotional well-being of children. Your collaboration and teamwork has grown to next level leadership by all grade teams.

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    New SEL Counselor, Ms. Garcia.

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