• Student Voice & Engagement

  • *** APPLICATIONS FOR 2023-2024 Superintendent Student Voice Council are Now Open ***


    Apply or nominate a student now. Build college and career skills, build up your resume or college application, make changes you want to see in the district, and earn a $400 stipend! 


    If you are a student and want to apply click here.


    If you are an adult or student that wants to recommend someone else click here.


    The Yakima School District believes that students are leaders in their education, deserve the right to feel safe and empowered in their school environment, and have valuable insights and opinions. We believe that the Yakima School District needs Student Voice to promote educational engagement, academic achievement, self-growth, and civic participation. The Yakima School District official definition of student voice is: the authentic communication of all students' perspectives and ideas, where students are empowered and student voice structures are implemented by the whole school community to advance educational equity for generations to come.