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  • One-to-one Laptops

    All high school and middle school students can pick up a 1:1 laptop starting tomorrow, Monday Aug 10. Those that have a laptop from the spring school closure must return that laptop and pick up an updated one that has been specifically set up for them.

    For pick-up times and details, please visit

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    We are excited to welcome each of you back this fall for the 2020-2021 school year.  August 26, Wednesday, is our first day back.

    Orientation is required for every returning student and we are offering you several session choices. You have three days and six time options to choose from. You will choose one option. Orientations will be virtual and you must have a YSD computer and reliable internet in place when we start. Wednesday and Friday we will hold orientations at 8:00am and noon. Thursday we will keep our tradition of a late offering and you may log in to either a noon session or a 5:30pm.session. (Don’t aim for the last session because if you miss it, you miss starting back to school in August.)

    Our virtual orientation will be three hours long, live, with the Open Doors staff. You will have an additional two hours on your own, virtual as well.  You need to attend all of the orientation to be enrolled going forward. We look forward to getting back in the routine of school, with prior attendance and academic requirements in place. 

    You do not need to register as we are keeping you enrolled. You do need to be in touch with changes of address and contact information. Please let us know. With COVID-19 challenges,we ask that you keep informed about Yakima School District plans, through the website, as summer progresses. (  There you will find information and answers to your questions, particularly on getting a computer and internet support.

    We will be ready for you in August !

    Mrs. Menard  573-5581   Mrs. Araiza  573-5580

    Mrs. Ochoa   573-5585    Mr. Machado- 573-5595    Mrs. Lefebvre 573-5598  

    Mrs.Berg      573-5594    Mrs. Holyfield  573-5597 

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  • 2019 - 2020 Flyer

    Open Doors Flyer (English)

    Open Doors Flyer (Spanish)

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YSD Stories

  • Open Doors-GED and a Diploma! Alicia Garcia did it !

    Posted by Anne Berg on 10/26/2020



    alicia garcia portrait Our Yakima School District Open Doors program is widely known for the GED program. Every year for the past five years, we have helped many students earn their high school equivalency certificate. We have had a smaller number of students who earned their high school diplomas with us, too. This June, we had our first student who accomplished both!

    Alicia Garcia accomplished a GED AND A DIPLOMA as of June 2020!  Congratulations to an amazing person! What an accomplishment!

    Alicia came to us in the 2016-2017 school year.  She was behind in her credits and was getting pressure from home to get her diploma done. Alicia was living on her own, paying rent, working fast food, and coming to Open Doors when she could. Transportation was not always easy as her car was unreliable. She had no internet and a computer she borrowed when she could find one.  After working for several months on credit courses she was working hard when she could find time, but not making as much progress as she wanted. A diploma seemed out of reach.  

    Alicia and I reviewed her goals and decided that at this time, going after a GED would be an easier, quicker path. She was discouraged and worried about disappointing her family but she knew that she was carrying a heavy load and a GED was in reach. Alicia spent several months preparing for her first GED test and then started taking the tests.  Nine months later, she completed her GED. We celebrated with her family in June of 2017 at our GED celebration at YV-TECH. We were all very happy and very proud of Alicia!

    After the celebration, Alicia surprised me when she came up and told me she wanted to start working on her diploma and asked, “Can I get my diploma now?”  Of course, she did earn credits for her GED, and if she wanted to go after the diploma, yes…go for it! I told her “We can keep you until you are twenty one years of age.”

    Alicia spent the next two years coming almost weekly to Open Doors, finishing class after class, still working full time, living on her own. Working full time, she was able to purchase a computer and she did get a new used car. If the car needed work…Alicia knew how to fix it.  Alicia worked hard at Pizza Hut and subsequently at WINCO FOODS and she worked hard at school.  This was a challenging journey.  Some weeks Alicia was unable to come to school because she had to put in overtime when she wanted to come to school.  I never heard her say one time, “I can’t finish the journey”. 

    When COVID-19 hit, Alicia had one more class to finish and she did it.  Like all the other graduates of 2020, Alicia did not get to walk and turn her tassel and share her victory with family and friends. Nevertheless, Alicia has her diploma in hand…and her GED!

    Alicia is still working hard at her job and as many twenty- some-things, she is exploring what she wants to study when she can attend YVC. We know she will be successful at whatever she decides to do. Alicia can do anything she wants! She is an amazing and wonderful young woman.  WE ARE SO PROUD OF HER!


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  • Principal Appreciation Month - Yakima Open Doors and Yakima Online

    Posted by Ashley LaRiviere on 10/22/2020

    The Yakima School District would like to thank and honor our principals for their visionary leadership and tireless pursuit of success for each student.

    Yakima Online and Open Doors Principal Image

    Did you know that when Principal Lois Menard was the same age as her students, she was selling fishing worms, working as a waitress, picking up 12,000 spark plugs on an assembly line during the midnight shift, and doing sales in a music store, while being a full-time student? Sharing these experiences with her students builds relationships and relatability as they work through their educational goals. 

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  • EBT Funds Available to All YSD Students

    Posted by YSD Food Services on 7/6/2020

    Because COVID-19 closed our schools, your children are eligible for food assistance, called Pandemic EBT (P-EBT): Emergency School Meals Program.

    P-EBT provides families with funds to make up for some of the cost of meals while school was closed. This benefit is for Washington children in grades K-12 who receive free or reduced-price school meals. These benefits will be on an Electronic Benefits Transfer (EBT) card which is used like a debit card to buy groceries. Because all YSD students receive free breakfast and lunch, all YSD students are eligible regardless of income. If you do not already receive benefits, you will need to apply on or after June 30.  If you receive food assistance benefits already, the money will appear on your EBT on June 30.

    Update 7/6/20: We have been in contact with OSPI last week and they said that DSHS had the incorrect student list for Yakima School District which is why they turned down some parents; they are updating with the correct list which will show any student enrolled in Yakima School District that was grade K-12 in the school year 2019-2020 as eligible for PEBT.

    If you were denied, go to and apply again and see if their list has been updated. You can inform them Yakima is a CEP district.

    PEBT Flyer - English

    PEBT Flyer - Spanish

    Questions? Let's Talk

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Open Doors Reengagement Program

  • The Open Doors program offers students between the ages of 16 and 21 FREE support in the following areas:

    • Academic Courses
    • Online Courses
    • Gradpoint (on line at Open Doors)
    • Diploma
    • High School Equivalency (GED)
    • YV-Technical Skills Center
    • Community - Partnership - Support
    • Career Counseling
    • Goal Setting
    • One to one tutoring

    Students work with GradPoint curricula to work toward GED completion.


    Enrollment Process

    Contact the Yakima School District enrollment specialist at Portable A 1120 S. 18th St. or call (509) 573-5585.


  • Thank you for providing a cermony for the graduates. Two of my three children needed a program like this and I'm very grateful that this was an option for them. Brandon has moved to Tri Cities to work part time and attend college. I have no doubt he will be successfull at computer engineering. Thank you again for all that you do - it makes a big difference to many.

    - Parent of 2017 Graduate

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