• About Yakima Online

    No matter what your reason, Yakima Online can help you achieve your goal of getting a Yakima School District high school diploma. Yakima Online offers middle and high school fully accredited online course curriculum for students who live within the Yakima School District boundary. We offer a FREE full-time option for students, grades 9-12, who are looking for an alternative to the traditional environment, for whatever reason. With Yakima Online, you now have another option.

  • Yakima Online Offers...

    • 100% remote learning. (When allowed  per COVID-19 guidance we have onsite support).
    • Yakima Online has been serving students in grades 9-12 for 13 years.
    • One class at a time. Finish a course every 3 weeks to stay on track. 
    • Work at your own pace
    • Video based curriculum
    • Text to speech
    • Translation into 60+ languages
    • Washington State Certified Teachers
    • Concept Coaches/Tutoring
    • YSD Onsite teachers, counselor and support staff
    • We are located in the portables behind YV-Tech 1120 S. 18th Street
    • Full parent access
    • 24/7 access to courses
    • World Languages-French, German, Spanish, Chinese, Latin
    • Core courses
    • Electives
    • CTE Electives
    • Translation into 30 languages
    • Core courses
    • Electives: Health, PE, Art, Music, Technology
    • Online and Offline (hard copies) materials
    • Screen Mask-assists with reading with focused shading
    • Picture Dictionary
    • Read aloud
    • Students may record themselves
    • Video/recorded/written feedback to students from teacher
    • Your current elementary school will support you with their teachers.
  • OSPI Approval and Cognia Accreditation

    Approved as a Single District Online School Program since 2012. This program is approved of its affiliation with Edgenuity.

    Yakima Online is also a Cognia accredited school.

    Yakima Online Cognia certificate

  • Who is it For?

    Whether you are a student who is accelerating their learning or not succeeding in the traditional setting, Yakima Online can help you progress with a schedule built to meet your needs. We serve traditional and non-traditional students including: teen parents, those with health conditions, credit recovery options, students who wish to excel at a faster pace in order to accelerate their learning, those working full time. We offer a flexible schedule with tech support 24/7.

    Our school is available to students up to age 21 who are:

    • At-risk students who need focused one-on-one instruction
    • Traditional students looking for choices
    • Honors students who want to expand their options
    • Students who want to accelerate their learning
    • Students who need remedial help
    • Students with personal obligations or scheduling constraints
    • Students with college preparatory goals


    How Does it Work?

    With Yakima Online, students have options to help them graduate.

    • Students take all their classes online anytime, from anywhere there is internet access.
    • Students have access to a 24/7 support environment including access to highly qualified, Washington State certified teachers
    • Teachers monitor student progress and provide help via phone, email, and chat
    • Easy access to reports allow parents to monitor your student's progress
    • Students have full access to a broad, Internet-delivered curriculum with more than 100 semester courses in the following subject areas:
      • Math
      • Social Studies
      • Science
      • Foreign Language
      • Language Arts
      • Electives
      • Health/Fitness
      • College Prep


    Student-Teacher Contact Requirements

    Weekly contact required with a preferred face to face with the onsite teacher. Phone call, chat, texts, instant messaging, two-way communication which is synchronous. 

    Monthly progress evaluations in person preferred. Sometimes this much be accomplished by phone due to limiting circumstances.

    If students are not making Satisfactory progress then an intervention plan is created.

    All students have a Written Student Learning Plan, generated by a certificated teacher with the student and parent (when possible).

    Culminating exams are proctored on our campus site.

    We have two full computer labs available on site for students in two separate portables.