Strategic Plan

  • Presented here are various formats of the Yakima School District Strategic Plan.

    The school board unanimously approved the new six-year strategic plan for the Yakima School District on January 21, 2020.  A presentation was given on 1-13-20 by Performance Fact. That presentation can be viewed online here:

    The YSD staff has begun planning their work to align with this new strategic plan.  The new strategic plan expires in 2026.


    YSD Complete Strategic Plan (20 pages) ENGLISH 

    YSD Complete Strategic Plan (20 pages) SPANISH


     YSD Condensed Strategic Plan (4 pages) ENGLISH

     YSD Condensed Strategic Plan (4 pages) SPANISH


     YSD Profile of a Graduate ENGLISH

     YSD Profile of a Graduate SPANISH


    Our Compass (previously Roadmap) ENGLISH 17x11 inches PDF  

    Our Compass (previously Roadmap) SPANISH 17x11 inches PDF


     Strategic Planning Process (2019)




    The Yakima School District is working with Performance Fact, Inc. to develop a new strategic plan for the district.

    The process launched on September 16, 2019, with student voice sessions that engaged over 100 students.

    In addition to the student voice session, stakeholders were engaged through the core planning team, the alignment team, school board sessions, and community forums.

    The core planning team (CP) consisted of a cross-section of all stakeholders. Because the team included internal and external stakeholders, it took the lead in setting the broad direction for the plan, including the Goals, Measures, and Benchmarks of Student Success as well as the "Four Pillars" (or building blocks) of educational practices, programs, and structures.

    The core planning team met for full days (8:30 am - 3:00 pm)  on September 23-24, October 14-15, November 18 and a half-day on December 9 (8:30 am-noon).  All core planning team meetings were held at YV-TECH, 1120 South 18th Street.

    Thank you in advance to the following core planning team members:

    Candida Alpizar   Clint Endicott   Amber Kinley   Carol Perry
    Maria Elena Alvarez   Andy Ferguson   Adam Koenig   Laura Quintana
    Pam Ansingh   Enriqueta Flores   Nancy Leahy   Anita Quintana
    Cristina Arellano   Heather Flynn   Caitlin Lindborg   Angel Ramirez
    Laura Armstrong   Tersa Foster   Shelby Lockhart-Robins   Angelica Reyes
    Robin Beckett   Bunker Frank   Maria Lucero   Martha Rice
    Maria Berrospe   Nicole Franson   Ashlee Mandrell   Erica Rodriguez
    Molly Beyer   Danny Frazier   Gina Marquis   Juan Ruiz
    Beatriz Blanco   Jesse Gamet   Orfelina Martinez   Sy Ruiz
    Pamela Broman   Tally Garcia   Julianna Maxwell   Sagrario Santos
    Christina Carlson   Adrianne Garner   Mary Virginia Maxwell   Lisa Sargent
    Rocio Carrion   Luis Gomez   Jake McCaffrey   Giovanni Severino
    Jill Ceja   Cecilia Gonzalez   Sean McGeeney   Becky Shelton
    Erin Chaplin   Guadalupe Gonzalez   Steve McKenna   Amanda Shipman
    Kevin Chase   Heidi Griffin   Gerardo Mendoza   Eric Silvers
    Melissa Christianson   Paige Hake   Jennifer Mendoza   Mike Stone
    Amber Cliett   Laura Harper   Alita Miller   Brenda Struthers
    Joni Coe   Shanna Hefner   Mike or Brook Molina   Katherine Stuber
    Jennifer Coleman   Jennifer Henson   Joanie Monroy   Gabriela Suarez
    Diane Crumrine   Ester Huey   Karla Moran   Susie Temple
    Rob Darling   Netty Hull   Patti Nagle   Aletha Thrush
    Don Davis, Jr.   Linda Iasella   Terry Neal   Gaby Torres
    Rico de La Comb   Amanda Jewell   Rod Newbrough, Sr.   Norm Walker
    Danielle DeLange   Cheryl Jordan   Andie Olson   Kate Watters
    Rachel Dibble   Jessica Karstetter   Patti Pendergast   Carl Whitney
    Susan Duffin   Kerry  Kesey   Richard Perez    

    Alignment Team (AL) consisted of key decision-makers or opinion shapers from the key institutions within the community (e.g., school system, parent & community leaders, union, business/higher education, community-based organizations, or CBOs, governmental entities, faith-based groups, etc.). Approximately 15 people serve on the AL. 

    The Alignment Team met at YV-TECH, for one hour from 7:00-8:00 am on September 24, October 15, November 18, and December 9.

    Thank you to the following alignment team members:

    Cristina Arellano   Scott Izutsu
    Ryan Beckett   Sydney John
    Jedean Corpron   Wayne Nelson
    Chris Corry   Berenice Ponce
    Dennis Dean   Omar Santoy
    Duff DeWitt   Graciela Villanueva
    Leif Ergeson   Priscilla Trevino
    Kirsten Fitterer    

    Community Forums (CF) provided every resident an opportunity to participate in and influence the direction of the strategic plan prior to its completion and formal adoption by the school board. Community Forums were "reality check" sessions. The insights from the Community Forums were shared with the Core Planning Team for integration into the strategic plan, as appropriate.

    Community Forums were held from 6:00 pm until 7:30 pm on:

    October 14 (Davis Commons) (Presented in English (translated to Spanish)

    October 15 (IKE Commons)  Presented in English (translated to Spanish)

    and November 18 (Washington Middle School) Presentacion en Espanol (translation to English provided)

    foro flyer

    The same content was presented at all three sessions. School-aged children were encouraged to participate. All sessions were open to the public. Refreshments were served. Activities for young children were provided.