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Facility and Bond Planning

Step 1: OSPI Study and Survey

Architectural and Engineering Assessment, Building Evaluations, (currently underway) with Loofburrow & Wetch, Complete Natural Hazard Assessment (currently underway) with Pacific Engineering

Anticipated completion: June, 2022

Anticipated outcome: Receive an overall analysis of the school districts' facilities, educational programs and plans, student population projections, capital finance and operating capabilities and identification of needs for new construction, modernization or replacement of YSD facilities.

Step 2: YSD Capital Facilities Advisory Committee (CFAC)

Establish and mobilize a community-led, community-based Capital Facilities Advisory Committee, based on the findings and recommendations from the Study and Survey. This advisory committee will have 40 members. Twenty+ members will be appointed by city and county entities, non-profit partners, YSD parent/teacher organization, Yakima school district labor partners, and the community development sector. The remaining at-large members will be selected through a lottery. Names will be drawn from geographic service areas within the district to ensure balanced representation.

Committee’s Outcome: Recommend a bond package to present to the YSD school board in June 2023.

Anticipated timeline: Sept. 2022 - June 2023

Anticipated outcome: Recommendation for YSD school board for the next construction bond package.

Step 3: YSD Bond Strategy

Establish and mobilize a YSD Bond committee once the YSD school board has heard and voted on CFAC’s bond recommendations.

Anticipate commencement: July 2023

Anticipate outcome: Proposed Bond calendar from 2024 - 2039