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Equity in the Yakima School District

The Yakima School District promise is to ensure a safe, equitable, inclusive and quality learning environment so that every student thrives and succeeds. Our vision is for a school system that focuses on every student, every day: strengthening community through education. Delivery on these objectives requires us to name, confront and disrupt the inequitable systems and practices that contribute to predictable disparate outcomes on the basis of group memberships including race, class, language, culture, ability, gender, sexuality, and citizenship. The Yakima school district passed a district Equity Policy that articulates our commitment to collective action to transform systems that have historically privileged a few, towards educational justice for all in partnership with students, families, communities, and staff.

YSD Equity Definition

The condition that would be achieved if one’s group membership, no longer predicted, in a statistical sense, how one fares. Equity is the outcome, not just access to opportunity.

Equity Work in Yakima