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Post Construction Issue Updates – Eisenhower High School

June 2017 ---

YSD School Board approved purchase of materials on June 2, 2017 for Eisenhower Blue Wall Project.

April 2017 ---

Demolition of areas of the blue wall will begin on May first. It will occur from 3-11pm five days week. The estimated completion for this phase June 15, 2017.

April 2017 ---

Yakima School District Board of Directors approves agreement with Stephens and Sons Construction, Inc. for Eisenhower High School - Blue Wall and Window Remediation project.

Download Agreement

February 2017 ---

  1. There has been no changes in the condition of the interior window seal damage. The weather has been cold enough that it has prevented water from infiltrating into the cracks around the blue wall window seals.
  2. Weekly inspections continue as needed and determined by PBS Engineering. See attached reports from PBS.
    Dec 30 Report, Jan 6 Report, Jan 13 Report, Jan 30 Report, Feb 3 Report
  3. The Scaffolding is being installed with some weather related delays as expected. May be the end of February before it is completed.   
  4. We will schedule Inspections and investigation of wall damage as soon as scaffolding is complete. We will be using a lift around the building for the window inspections so snow and ice conditions will need to improve before we can start.
  5. Estimated Project completion date is still June 2017. This is contingent on findings.

January 2017 ---

Board approves permission to award the Eisenhower High School Scaffold and Scaffold Enclosure - Blue Wall Project to Stephens and Sons Construction, Inc.

December 2016 ---

  1. PBS Engineering and Environmental Inc. conduct weekly inspections (view sample report), these are scheduled for every Thursday.
  2. The Scaffolding contractor was out and plan is to have the scaffolding in place and the wall sealed by mid to late January and work on the scaffolding will probably start in early January.
  3. The Court Yard will become a Construction Zone and therefor staff and students will be restricted from entering or using the area.  
  4. The Building Envelope experts are ready to start their inspections as soon as the scaffolding is completed. The investigation and report of findings will take approximately 2 weeks. So it will possible be early to mid-February before we receive this report. This report will allow us to devise a plan of action moving forward and better understand the full scope of work involved. 
  5. The Contractor is onboard and ready to start as soon as scaffolding is installed. They will be involved with the investigative work and will be able to follow through until completion the balance of the work after the initial assessment is completed.
  6. Estimated Project completion date is June 2017. This is dependent on findings.