• Wilson Middle School

    Counselors help...


    ¨  Understand themselves an others

    ¨ Learn communication skills

    ¨ Establish and maintain healthy relations with others

    ¨  Develop decision making and interpersonal skills

    ¨  Gain optimum benefit from their school experience



    ¨  Learn about their child's growth and development

    ¨  Appreciate their child's abilities, imitations, and progress in school

    ¨  Encourage a home atmosphere for emotional security and personal growth

    ¨  Gain additional information to further enhance parent-child relationships

    ¨  Communicate with the school staff when an interpreter is needed



    ¨  Understand the children and their behavior

    ¨  Initiate classroom guidance activities for greater understanding of self and others

    ¨  Create a positive learning climate and personalized curriculum