Leadership Updates

  • Dr. Kari Terjeson
    Assistant Director, Special Education Services
  • Ryan Treat
    Assistant Principal, Robertson Elementary
  • Cheryl Jordan Principal, Roosevelt Elementary
  • Michele Deardorff Assistant Principal, Barge Lincoln Elementary
  • John Soler
    Assistant Principal, Early Learning
  • Carrie Pitts
    Principal, Robertson Elementary School
  • Nancy Smith Executive Director, Special Education Services
  • Deena Alley
    Director of Human Resources, Pathways & Leadership Investigator
  • Kim Newell
    Director of Human Resources, Certificated Staff
  • Artemio Chavez
    Assistant Principal, Franklin Middle School
  • Tori Brennan
    Principal, Barge Lincoln Elementary
  • Jamie Johnson
    Principal, Early Learning
  • Natalie Riley
    Assistant Principal, Davis High School
  • Casceila Miller
    Assistant Principal, Lewis & Clark Middle School
  • Gabe Stotz
    Assistant Principal, Lewis & Clark Middle School
  • Henry Samson
    Assistant Principal, Eisenhower High School
  • Nate Henyan
    Assistant Director, Safety & Security
  • Hector Mendez Jr.
    Executive Director, Leadership & Accountability PK-5
  • Vikki Fogelson
    Principal, Lewis & Clark Middle School