• Health Sciences

  • You will be guided through CTE Graduation pathway course options by your instructor and/or your counselor. If you have any questions, please contact your CTE program instructor or guidance counselor.


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  • Health Science Graduation Pathways

    Principles of Biomedical Sciences Human Body Systems

    Human Body Systems Medical Interventions

    Health Science Careers (Intro) Personal Fitness Technology

    Sports Medicine   Sports Medicine 



      • First Course: Principles of Biomedical Sciences
        Course Codes TEA 101 / TEA 102

        Second Course Option 1: Human Body Systems
        Course Codes: TEA 201 / TEA 202

      • First Course: Human Body Systems
        Course Codes TEA 201 / TEA 202

        Second Course Option 1: Medical Interventions
        Course Codes: TEA 309 / TEA 310

      • First Course: Health Science Careers (Intro)
        Course Codes SCV 310 / SCV 311

        Second Course Option 1: Personal Fitness Technology
        Course Codes: TEF 101 / TED 102

      • First Course: Sports Medicine
        Course Codes TEA 301 / TEA 302

        Second Course Option 1: Sports Medicine
        Course Codes: TEA 401 / TEA 402