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    Raise your hand if your student could use help after-hours! Yakima School District students (grades 5-12) and teachers have FREE access to Paper.Co professional tutors, 24/7!

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    More info:

    • Paper provides schools with unlimited access to a variety of services through a device-agnostic, secure, Educational Support System (ESS).
    • With Paper, students receive Unlimited 24/7 One-on-one Tutoring for all subjects, delivered by a live educator through Paper's Classroom in both English and Spanish.
    • Each online educator is a Paper Employee who is trained in the Socratic teaching method and undergoes a criminal background check prior to employment.
    • Paper also provides students with Essay Review, where students can upload any piece of written work and receive an annotated version of their work within twenty-four hours.
    • All student activity on Paper is recorded, tracked, and made readily available to school teachers and administrators.
    • This equips teachers with Transparent Insights on how their students are learning outside the classroom and helps educators personalize their instruction.
    • Paper's Student Success team works closely with each and every partner school to understand the specific needs and goals at each site.
    • Through professional development, student orientations, and much more, Paper ensures that schools are excited and ready to level the playing field for all.