• How will hybrid learning change my student’s daily schedule?

    Elementary Hybrid Schedule in English

    Elementary Hybrid Schedule in Spanish


    Secondary Hybrid Schedule in English

    Secondary Hybrid Schedule in Spanish


    What about after-school sports/activities?

    The WIAA has designated sports seasons that will be allowed through Winter and Spring. Review this website for more details


    What are the new guidelines for attendance?

    Remote/asynchronous attendance will be taken the same way as before with multiple ways to participate. In-person attendance will be taken at school.  Families will be called when students do not attend remotely or in-person.


    What time can students be dropped off?

    No more than 20-minutes prior to the start of school


    What if my student misses an in-person day or is not turning in assignments? Will they be moved to online learning?

    No, they will not be moved to online learning; teachers and building leaders will work with students/families on a case-by-case basis to improve attendance and student engagement.


    Where will my child enter the school each day?

    The Assistant Superintendent of Operations is meeting with all schools individually to discuss points of entry and attestation/screening process. These meetings take place the week of Feb. 9th so this information should be determined soon. It will look different at each school building with approval from the Assistant Superintendent of Operations.


    Will lunches still be offered on Wednesdays to cover the days they are not in person?



    Are students eating breakfast in the classroom?



    Will my student have live tutoring in addition to going back hybrid?

    We are introducing a partnership with Paper.co for all 5-12 grades that offers free 24/7 access to live tutors in all subjects, in English and Spanish. It also provides essay feedback services. Full details will be released the week of February 22.


    Will our students get to take the bus?



    What does a “Grab and Go” lunch look like?

    Sack lunch.


    Will elementary and secondary siblings be kept in the same cohort?



    What about child care needs for parents and this schedule?

    Schools in the district are using the same bell schedule, and same cohorting parameters for families. This was done to minimize the impact this new schedule will have on families.


    Are Google Meets now required for students to attend?

    Parents should consider every learning opportunity including scheduled Google Meets required. There are still several ways to participate in learning that count as “attending” school.


    Are students required to be online on the days they have in-person learning?

    Students will not be required to be online to be accounted for attendance purposes, but they may need to be online in the afternoon to complete assignments or get additional support most every day. On Wednesdays every student will be working remotely.


    Some districts around us are attending AM or PM, 4 days a week. Why not Yakima School District?

    Yakima School District is limited to options because of 1.) the number of students we can safely social distance and 2.) the number of busses we have. Districts around us are able to have busses for only their elementary schools that they can run AM and PM routes and the same for secondary schools. YSD buses will have routes for elementary schools, drop them off, then immediately begin picking up secondary students to bring to school. YSD would need to purchase twice as many busses to accommodate AM/PM options.


    Do you anticipate this schedule changing again?

    It is the Yakima School District's intention to not change the schedule once hybrid instruction has begun, however there may be circumstances beyond its control that may temporarily force students back into remote learning.


    Are face coverings required to be worn at school?

    Yes. The Department of Health requires everyone in a school building or on a school bus to wear a face covering, with specific exemptions identified in the guidance. If your child does not have a face covering, the Yakima School District can provide one. We have over 21,000 student masks in our warehouse with many masks already distributed to our students. We have plenty of masks and are eager to get them to the students that need them. 
    Can students use a face shield instead of a cloth face covering?
    Yes, though cloth face coverings have a superior ability to capture more droplets from speaking, coughing, sneezing, etc. Please work with your School Nurse about alternative face coverings that meet requirements.
    How often will mask breaks happen?

    Schools and teachers will build mask breaks into their schedules.


    What will drop-off and pick-up look like now?

    Each school will have a unique process for this, but all buildings will be asked to adhere to the appropriate safety guidelines.


    What is the school doing to keep my child safe?

    The Yakima School District is following the CDC, DOH, OSPI guidelines for reopening schools. All schools will be reviewed by the Yakima Department of Health to check on these reopening protocols prior to opening to more students as well. Social distancing measures, PPE, COVID-19 testing of staff members, etc.

    Every day each school will do the following:

    • Day to day routine cleaning, empty trash, sweeping, vacuuming, spot mopping, restrooms, etc.
    • Every room will be sanitized using electrostatic disinfectant spray
    • All high touchpoints are wiped down with disinfectant


    What if a student misses 20 days of remote and/or in-person, do we drop them?

    Students will not be dropped after 20 days of missing school. Schools are required by OPSI to have a tiered attendance proactive plan and response system in place.


    What is the process for transferring my student into 100% online?

    Click here to initiate the online transfer request.  All students are welcome to choose 100% online learning. If your student is currently in an Early Exit Spanish classroom at Barge-Lincoln, Adams, or Garfield and you wish to continue in remote learning, please contact your teacher. Those buildings have a program specifically for Spanish-speaking Early Exit students.